Coronavirus. Fewer cases of flu in the world. Because of the coronavirus

Coronavirus has turned health care work upside down. In many countries, medical professionals have focused almost exclusively on combating Covid-19 in the past two years. Have other diseases disappeared as a result? Not. Although, according to Australian scientists, it was noted that the coronavirus contributed to the elimination of one of the viruses.

We divide flu into four categories; A, B, C, D. The first two types tease us seasonally, most often in the fall and winter season. C – is a type much less noticeable by us and causes mild symptoms. Whereas D does not concern humans, it only attacks cattle.

From information published by Australian scientists, we learn that the coronavirus has largely eliminated cases of influenza C infections. It is worth noting that this virus was responsible for up to a quarter of seasonal cases around the world before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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