Coronavirus – Financial Shield 2.0. Paweł Borys, president of the Polish Development Fund, on the settlement of the subsidy

Small and medium-sized enterprises that received support from the so-called second anti-crisis shield have the last moment to submit applications for the settlement of subsidies. The document must be submitted via electronic banking. – If someone fails to fulfill the obligation resulting from the program, that is, does not submit the application, we will send a request for a refund – said Paweł Borys, president of the Polish Development Fund on TVN24, in the TVN24 program.

PFR President Paweł Borys reminded that the deadline for submitting applications for the settlement of subsidies from the PFR 2.0 Financial Shield was to pass on January 15th for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). – Unfortunately, 2,000 more companies have not submitted these applications, so I am asking all these companies to enter electronic banking. At the weekend, you can do it and submit an application – he pointed out.

Entrepreneurs settle the subsidy via electronic banking at the same bank where they submitted the application for support. Ultimately, PFR decided to extend the deadline for submitting the application until January 23.

– Seeing that entrepreneurs do not submit these applications, we made the decision to give them another week, but we really urge you to stick to these deadlines and submit this application, because you are entitled to almost 100% cancellation of the subsidies that entrepreneurs received – he emphasized Boris.

Financial Shield 2.0 – subsidy settlement

Asked how much money the companies that have not submitted any applications so far would have to return, the president of PFR informed that “about a billion zlotys”. – Under the so-called second shield for small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs could obtain compensation for the costs they incurred during the pandemic when they were closed. This amount of the subsidy was to cover the losses incurred at that time. I am convinced that, however, it is in the interest of every company to submit this application – indicated the head of the Polish Development Fund.

Borys explained what will happen if someone does not fulfill the obligation resulting from the program, i.e. does not submit this application. – If someone does not fulfill the obligation resulting from the program, i.e. does not submit the application, we will send a request for a refund of this amount – he explained. It is about immediate return of the entire amount. As he added, “this is the worst-case scenario.” – If the entrepreneur comes and asks for payment in installments, we will then consider it. However, I assume that most of these companies will submit these applications and we will not have this type of problem – said Paweł Borys.


The President of PFR admitted that he was surprised that despite the information campaign conducted in the nationwide media, “such a large number of entrepreneurs have not submitted this application yet”.

Financial Shield 2.0 – how many companies did not submit documents?

PFR informed on Friday that from 18 to 23 January this year. an additional deadline will be launched for corrections and late settlement applications for SMEs under the PFR 2.0 Financial Shield.

According to PFR data, by Friday, January 14 this year, from 7 thousand. small and medium-sized enterprises that used the PFR 2.0 shield, approx. 5 thousand has already been settled, while approx. 1,000 applications need improvement, and approx. 900 small and medium-sized enterprises have not yet submitted their settlements.

As part of the PFR 2.0 Shield, i.e. from January 15 to February 28, 2021, support was received by 47.7 thousand. companies, including 7.1 thousand from the SME sector. PLN 7.1 billion was transferred to the accounts of entrepreneurs, including PLN 3.8 billion for the SME sector. The average amount of aid for these companies amounted to PLN 539 thousand. PLN, and for micro-enterprises 82 thousand. zloty. The settlements of micro-companies will last until February 28, 2022.

The aid was provided to companies covered by 54 codes of the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD). The list includes the industries that have experienced the most negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including primarily hospitality, fairs and events, tourism, fitness and catering.

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