Coronavirus, fourth wave. Jens Spahn: By the end of winter, Germany will get vaccinated, recover or die

The situation in intensive care units in Germany is getting worse – the RND portal reported on Tuesday. Fifty out of 400 poviats across the country lack free beds.

The worst situation is in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Emergency services often have to travel long distances to find single beds for patients in neighboring counties.

By the end of winter, Germany will – cynically speaking – vaccinate against COVID-19, heal itself or die – said the local on Monday health minister Jens Spahnby urging 1/3 of unvaccinated compatriots to decide to take a drug that protects against severe disease.

These are his – so far – the harshest words that have been said in the context of the pandemic – the Politico portal said.

– In a highly contagious case Delta variant it is likely that anyone who is not vaccinated will become ill within the next few months and will not be protected. Will he get immunity, the only question is – by infection or by vaccination? We recommend the latter, said Spahn.

The politician also referred to the supply limits for vaccines Pfizer / BioNTech. He emphasized that both this preparation and that produced by Moderna they are very good. – Moderna is an effective and safe vaccine. Many doctors say that the BioNTech preparation is Mercedes, and Moderna is Rolls-Royce – assessed the Minister of Health.

He announced that many booster vaccinations would still be performed with the Pfizer formulation, which most citizens prefer.

Doctors at the Berlin Health Fund (KV) believe that unvaccinated people have COVID-19 they should contribute to the costs of hospital treatment. “This can be done either through own contribution or by subsidizing the health insurance premium. The income could benefit hospital nurses and outpatient medical workers,” said KV in a statement published on Tuesday.

Medics are also demanding a nationwide lockdown for people who have not vaccinated, Business Insider Deutschland reported on Tuesday.

So far, Berlin doctors, who also want to introduce mandatory vaccinations, have gone the furthest when it comes to restrictions on unvaccinated people and are in favor of taking radical measures in the fight against the pandemic – emphasized the portal.

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