Coronavirus, from Madonna a million dollars to the Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to fund research on the vaccine


Madonna has donated a million dollars to fund research on creating a vaccine against the coronavirus. The money will go to the Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, which he declared to be already at work to find an effective method of prevention or treatment of Covid-19. In a video posted on his profile Instagramthe singer has spoken of the difficulties faced in changing their life-style during the pandemic, announcing at the same time supporting the foundation. “It should be clear to all that we live in a state of emergency at the individual level and the global. I have to admit that it took me time to accept, process, and change the style of my life…” she wrote. “I will join in the effort of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to find a drug that can prevent or cure the Covid-19. We need to protect our health workers, the most vulnerable and all of our friends and family.”

Speaking of the new initiative of the foundation at the beginning of the week, Bill Gates said on the Daily Show: “Because our foundation has already developed a deep expertise in the field of infectious diseases, we thought the epidemic, and we have funded some initiatives to be more prepared, such as the efforts in the search for a vaccine. Our first donations can help to speed things up”. Madonna is the latest star in the world of music to offer a donation to help fight the pandemic. Last month, Rihanna has promised aid of 5 million dollars, including $ 700 thousand for the purchase of fans in Barbados, her country of origin.

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