Coronavirus: In Europe, the criterion used to calculate the deaths per Covid-19 varies across the country (and there is no right time, and Society

Rumors like these have multiplied in the last few days on the social network: “Germany and the Netherlands, they are hiding the dead bodies under the rug” in the United Kingdom, the request for the authorization of the family members of a deceased person by a coronavirus, to decide whether it will be included in the official count”. And where many of the others, then the criticisms from the Netherlands to Spain, the second season of the coronabônus (discussion of financial aid within the European Union) and, to the astonishment and with the the low case-fatality rate of the disease in Germanyso which scientists do not yet have a clear explanation (even though they point to the large number of tests performed).

The experts on epidemiology will warn you that you are not being accounted for. properly, all of the deaths for the coronavirus. And that’s one thing that unites all of the countries. The problem in France has focused on the cases that do not enter into the statistics: are all deaths outside of hospitals. In Spain, according to regional secretaries of Health, nor are they counted to the people who die in the housing for the elderly or home, without having done the diagnostic test.

These differences, coupled with the difficulties in each country to draw up a panorama, I need to make case-fatality rates not to be trusted. The problem is, the aggregate of which, when it is diagnosed in a very small number of contagions in real terms (as is happening in Spain, and the in Brazil, due to lack of ability to be testeda ), the proportion of deaths over the total number of infected leaves over the top. “Later on, we will be able to make an approximation of a more-or-less accurate, but it’s always an approximation,” says Ildefonso Hernandez, a spokesman for the Spanish Society of Public Health (Sespas).

The In italy include in the record of the victims of the coronavirus, all of the patients gave a positive result in the test, and who have passed on, regardless of the other aspects of their medical history, by following the criteria of the Higher Institute of Health. This subject is the postdo an epidemiological study to delve deeper into the causes of death in patients with Covid-19, and publishes a report twice a week, where it tells you whether these people were suffering from other diseases.

The director of Civil Protection, Angello Borrelli is in charge of reporting the official numbers, often observed that it is “the deceased, with a coronavirus, and not by a coronavirus, till they take root in the historical clinical trials. The majority of the scientific community assumes that in the absence of further testing, from the source of the outbreak, to the 28th of march, they were made to 429.526 the real numbers, both carrying with us, as from the dead, they may be very much higher than the official figures.

Up to the beginning of the epidemic of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom, when a patient passed away in the hospital for a respiratory infection, there hasn’t been a direct consequence of their infection, unless it is a “disease notification is compulsory by law. For example, botulism, malaria, and tuberculosis (tb). The medical bulletin indicated that only one broncopneumonia, pneumonia, advanced age, or with a similar designation. From the 5th of march, the Covid-19 was not included in the list of mandatory notification. Do not include, however, the seasonal flu shot.

So far, most of the testing is done in hospitals, where there are a large number of the patients that are susceptible to the effects of the infection, or in people who had a picture of symptoms that are sufficiently severe for it to be done in one pass. For this reason, the health authorities, the british brought it to the attention of, when the number of positive cases was around 500, and that is the fact would be closer to 5,000 or 10,000 carrying with us. The mortality rate in the United Kingdom, which currently stands at 6%, it would be in fact much lower, also point out that several of the experts.

Since the epidemic began in France, only the dead in the middle of the hospital are accounted for, that is, by collecting the daily data from the 600 hospitals and clinics in the country capable of receiving patients from the Covid-19”. Although the mortality rate is much higher among people of older age with a high of 86% of deaths in France, they have over 70 years of age or older), the official statistics do not include all the older people dead in their homes or, in particular, on up to 7,000 homes are host to more than 700,000 people.

The same thing happens in Spainwhere at least 352 people have died in homes for the elderly, until last Thursday, according to a story from EL pais. The Ministry of Health does not provide the figures. Since the deaths en masse have begun to be reported here, in France, the Government by Emmanuel Macron has taken a new position and announced that, as of this week, and it makes a daily follow-up of mortality,” in the nursing home.

In Germany, with a mortality rate of 0.72%, there has been some controversy because the data is not provided on a daily basis at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is delayed with respect to those offered by the Johns Hopkins University, which brings together information from all over the world. They are similar, but the RKI does it take to validate them, then they are to be submitted by the member States. The RKI explained to EL pais that “all of the deaths related to the disease Covid-as many as 19 have been recorded in the database of the notification, both to the people who have died directly from the disease, and patients with diseases with underlying infection and where it is not possible to establish clearly what has, in the last instance, the cause of death.” If there is a suspicion, says the institute, can be examined a post-mortem” but it does not indicate whether all of the suspects pass through the origin.

In France, as in Spain, and monitoring a higher mortality. The data of the National Statistical Institute show that the main focus of the east of France, as she arrives at the hospital this month to 37.8%. In Spain, the latest report from the Institute of Health Carlos III shows that the excess of deaths in relation to the historical, between the 21st and the 25th of march was up nearly 17%. But there are still no figures for a separate cause-of-death.

In the Netherlands, the test for the coronavirus that is reserved for the patients admitted to the hospital. The office of the official who is in charge of counting gives the numbers of deaths, contagions, and hospital discharges, and states that in the case of real can be the highest, because these are only the proven cases.

With the following information Rafa and Miguel, Enrique Muller, The City Pacho, Silvia Ayuso and Elizabeth Ferrer.

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