Coronavirus in France. Protests in Martinique – shots at policemen

During the protests against the tightening of pandemic laws in Martinique, France, fire was opened on policemen, local authorities said. None of the officers were injured. In the overseas departments of France – in Martinique and Guadeloupe – demonstrations of opponents of sanitary passports and the obligation to vaccinate medical workers have been taking place for several days.

The Martinique incidents occurred several times on Monday night in Fort-de-France, the island’s capital. – We intervened in relation to burning garbage cans, helping firefighters in the Sainte-Therese district around 23.30. We were shot at. At around 1.45 (night) other garbage cans and cars were set on fire. It was at this point that we experienced multiple firing of 9 mm caliber “- commanded the public security services. As it was added, none of the officers were injured and the situation on the island calmed down after the night escalation.


In Guadeloupe, which, like Martinique, is a French overseas department, violent protests have been going on for a week. On Tuesday, demonstrators burned cars, organized road blocks and prevented workers and patients from accessing hospitals. Health workers were beaten and attacked. At night, there are shoplifting and vandalism. There is a shortage of food products in stores.

Destruction after protests in MartiniqueEast News

Protests in Martinique and Guadeloupe

The French Ministry of the Interior sent additional police forces to Guadeloupe, and a total of about 2.8 thousand were mobilized. officers. Several dozen people have been detained in recent days. Police helicopters fly over the island. On Monday, weapons and 2,000 soldiers were stolen from a local gendarmerie post. pieces of ammunition. The mayor of Sainte-Rose was not allowed into the town hall building, which was occupied by demonstrators and turned into a “people’s house”.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex called on demonstrators Monday evening to remain calm, and French President Emmanuel Macron described the situation in Guadeloupe as “explosive”. The government plans to send a delegation to Guadeloupe and is currently mediating online with local trade unions.

A general strike has been underway in Martinique since Monday. Schools have been closed and demonstrators are blocking gas stations and roads, and public transport is partially down. – We are working together, we have already created an international alliance on compulsory vaccinations, – told AFP Maite Hubert M’Toumo of the UGTG trade union, which is demanding an end to the vaccination obligation for medics.

Trade unions are also demanding full funding of tests for a disease related to a powerful pesticide called chlordecone, which was used extensively on the island’s banana crops between 1972 and 1993, contributing to the disease of the local population.

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