Coronavirus in Germany. The theologian posed as a doctor and vaccinated people against COVID-19. He heard the accusations

The theologian posed as a doctor and worked at two coronavirus vaccination sites in Upper Bavaria. He was supposed to administer 306 vaccinations himself, and order 1144 in February and March this year. The German prosecutor’s office has brought charges against him, writes the weekly “Spiegel”.

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The prosecutor’s office accuses the theologian of, inter alia, for dangerous bodily injury, document forgery and fraud. So far, no health complications have been reported for the vaccinated persons, but the offense of personal injury may have occurred, “because the defendant does not have the necessary medical qualifications and the required consent of the vaccinated was tricked into being deceitful,” reports Spiegel.

A spokesman for the prosecution said the theologian’s motives were unknown. The accused did not refer to the charges. He only confessed to the forging of his license to practice as a doctor. If convicted, he may face a prison sentence, the prosecutor’s office said.

The theologian came to the vaccination centers in Rosenheim and Karlsfeld (Dachau County) with a forged license to practice medicine and started working there. In the Rosenheim district, he also participated in mobile vaccination campaigns in retirement homes and nursing homes, writes “Spiegel”.

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