Coronavirus in Great Britain. Daily balance of infections over 50,000

For three weeks, the number of infections detected every day has been systematically growing, although the percentage increases are not as large as in many other European countries. In the last seven days, a total of 309.3 thous. infections, i.e. by 10 percent. more than the previous seven.

On the other hand, the balance of deaths is declining noticeably. Although the current figure is slightly – three – higher than last Friday, the total number for the last seven days – 877 – is 15.5 percent. smaller than it was in the previous seven.

Health Minister Sajid Javid said on Friday that no case of the new variant – called Omikron by WHO – has yet been confirmed in the UK, but as he stated, it is very likely that it is also found in countries other than where it was found.

Since the start of the pandemic, 10.07 million infections have already been reported in the UK, resulting in 144 593 deaths. The UK ranks fourth in the world in terms of detected infections, seventh in deaths.

To date, 50.87 million people have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, the second – 46.25 million, and the booster dose – 16.78 million. This is 88.5% and 80.4% respectively. and 29.2 percent residents over 12 years of age.


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