Coronavirus in Poland. New restrictions. For whom the vaccination is obligatory

Due to the appearance of a new variant of the coronavirus – Omikron – and the fourth wave of the pandemic, the government decided to introduce new restrictions. – We want to introduce obligatory vaccinations for medics, teachers and uniformed services from March 1 – said the Minister of Health at a press conference.

The Minister of Health assessed at the conference that in the voivodeship In the minister’s opinion, the situation is improving. Also in the province. Mazowieckie and Podkarpackie, there was a decrease in infections from week to week by approx. 10%. – Unfortunately, it seems that the forecast does not show a decrease in infections in Poland, as the number of COVID-19 tests still remains at the same level. So we cannot talk about a clear downward trend – added Niedzielski. – The epidemic threat is not declining, so we have taken decisive action – he emphasized.

The Minister of Health decided to give the legislator the right to require a COVID-19 test to create safe workplaces. The relevant bill is consulted. The minister estimated that the final project would emerge within a week. A list of changes to the restrictions has also been introduced, see details below.

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Coronavirus in Poland. Restrictions

From December 1, new epidemic restrictions are in force in Poland, incl. a ban on flights from seven African countries and a change in the limits of cultural institutions, churches, hotels, restaurants and weddings.

The current list of changes that will come into effect on December 15th:

  • reduction of the occupancy limit of premises to 30%
  • lowering the limit to 30% in cinemas, theaters, and religious buildings
  • in cinemas, consumption is also prohibited
  • closed clubs and discos. On December 31 and January 1, this restriction will not apply to a maximum of 100 people
  • reduction in means of transport to 75%

Changes for people arriving from outside the Schengen area:

  • obligation to test for COVID-19 for at least 24 hours. earlier

Changes in schools:

  • from December 20 to January 9 remote teaching in all schools

This week, the Left proposed a draft that would require compulsory vaccinations and exempt companies in which all employees are vaccinated from the lockdown. However, Ryszard Terlecki has already announced that PiS will not support the Left’s draft on compulsory vaccinations.

Coronavirus in Poland. Vaccinations for children from December

On December 13, vaccines for children aged 5 to 11 will reach Poland. From December 16, it is planned to implement vaccination for this age group. The dose of the vaccine for children of this age is to be lower (10 micrograms) than for those aged 12 years and over (30 micrograms). As in the older age group, it is given as two injections three weeks apart.

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