Coronavirus in the US. Joe Biden’s plan for a winter wave of contamination

Joe Biden announced that his administration will not fight the coronavirus by introducing lockdowns. As he explained, better methods are, for example, more widely available vaccines, their additional doses and tests. The American leader announced this in a speech at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland, outside Washington.

Biden further said that NIH experts had warned him that America was facing a new wave of infections in the winter. – I hope that in the face of this threat, as well as the new variant of the coronavirus, the fight against covid will cease to be as politicized as it has been so far, he said. He then referred to the study, which showed that 30 percent. Americans who have refused to vaccinate so far may now change their minds.

The president presented a five-point plan to fight the coronavirus in the coming months, focusing primarily on making additional doses of preparations more widely available. Seniors will receive information on this subject as part of the vaccination promotion campaign. In addition, Biden’s office intends to provide all Americans with free COVID-19 home tests.

The White House also plans to tighten the sanitary regime at the borders and require coronavirus tests to be performed within 24 hours before departure (so far it was three days). New family vaccination points and mobile clinics are also to be launched. Joe Biden also announced that he would encourage schools to change their policy on COVID-19, which is now based on frequent screening of exposed people in place of the previous two-week quarantine.


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