Coronavirus in the world. Record. Over a million deaths in Germany in 2021

  • Compared to the first year of the coronavirus pandemic (2020), the number of deaths increased by 3%, or 31,000. 327
  • This year, with the beginning of autumn, the number of deaths in Germany has increased significantly. In September, by 10 percent, and in October – by 11 percent, which is significantly different from the data from previous years
  • At the same time, experts point out to the “dark number” of undetected deaths
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Over a million deaths in one year in the post-war period in today’s Germany were recorded in 1946. Then the number was about 1 million 001 600. While the high number of deaths was explained by the difficult living conditions in those times, today – according to the statistical office – the cause first of all, there is a larger population and a higher percentage of elderly people.

Meanwhile, 1,016,899 people died last year. Compared to the first year of the coronavirus pandemic (2020), the number of deaths increased by 3%, or 31,000. 327. Population aging only partially explains the increasing trend, as life expectancy is increasing at the same time.

Thus, before the pandemic, the number of deaths had increased by an average of 1 to 2%. annually. This changed with the onset of the coronavirus crisis: already in 2020, the number of deaths increased by 5%. compared to 2019 before the pandemic, and in 2021 – by as much as 8 percent. compared to 2019.

In 2021 only in February and March the number of deaths was lower than the average value for the previous four years. In January 2021, i.e. during the second wave of the coronavirus, the number of deaths was 25 percent. higher compared to previous years. Back then, the additional deaths almost entirely coincided with the number of deaths from COVID-19 reported to the Robert Koch Institute.

Deadly fall and winter

Due to the almost complete absence of an influenza epidemic and despite new deaths from the coronavirus, deaths in February were down 2% and in March by 6%. lower than in previous years. During the third pandemic wave in April (4% increase) and May (7% increase) the number of deaths was higher again. In June, the 8% increase in deaths coincided with the heatwave. In July, the number of deaths (plus 2%) was still slightly above the average from previous years, August did not differ much.

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With the beginning of autumn, the number of deaths increased: in September by 10%, and in October – by 11%, clearly exceeding the comparative value from previous years. Deaths in November and December further surpassed the comparative value during the fourth coronavirus wave; in November, it died by 21 percent. more people, and in December – by 22 percent. more than the average in the previous four years.

Treatments and research postponed

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the higher number of deaths in the fall can only be partially explained by the COVID-19 deaths. The ‘dark count’ of undetected coronavirus-related deaths or the delay in the wave of deaths due to the absence of a flu epidemic earlier this year may also have played a role.

According to experts, it is also possible that the “consequences of postponed operations and preventive examinations” are revealed. At present, however, it is not possible to determine the individual causes in percentages. At the beginning of the pandemic, high hospital workload led to the postponement of scheduled procedures and operations. In addition, many people avoided visiting a doctor for fear of infection.

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