Coronavirus infection expert among children: The worst is yet to come

“The Delta variant turned out to be particularly infectious for children. Therefore, I am afraid that Omikron may be even more dangerous for the youngest and lead to the total occupancy of the beds” – told PAP.PL Dr. Lidia Stopyra, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Paediatrics at the Specialist Hospital. Stefan Żeromski in Krakow.

Every day we see five to ten children infected with the coronavirus. At the moment that there is no case of a child infected with Omikron. Due to the fact that the children had a break in stationary education for nearly three weeks, there are now fewer infections in this group. We still have vacancies in the hospital. The bed base is secured. However, we expect that the number of coronavirus infections will increase significantly in the near future. The worst is still ahead of us, because the infectious period for children is approaching Dr. Stopyra pointed out.

She emphasized that children are as “spreading the disease” as adults.

This is a particularly spontaneous group, it is extremely difficult to maintain the sanitary regime at school (wearing masks, keeping distance – editor’s note). Besides, this is a group that it transmits the virus very much, and it is little vaccinated. It was only three weeks ago that children over 5 years of age were vaccinated, so the second dose of the preparation was still ahead of them – she explained.

The specialist noted that the coronavirus turned out to be very contagious also for the youngest.

Delta has been shown to be especially infectious to children. Therefore, I am concerned that Omikron could be even more dangerous for children and cause a huge increase in infections said the pediatrician.

She also pointed to one more factor that will have an impact on the increase in hospitalization in the near future.

We haven’t really had the flu this season. A year ago flu infections have disappeared due to lockdownand before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, influenza was the most cases in January through March. All pediatric wards were occupied at that time. Now, when we additionally have a high infectivity of the coronavirus, unfortunately the prognosis for children is not optimistic. The number of infections will be enormous said Dr. Stopyra.

We are no longer able to stop what happened. We will not stop the drastic increase in infections that will follow. The situation in hospitals can be dramatic and it affects society as a whole – she added.

She noted that the problem in Poland is still low vaccination coverage, which – in her opinion – was unfortunately caused by the high activity of vaccine opponents.

They are responsible for the vaccine hysteria we are dealing with today, spreading fake news about how vaccines work. All children who are hospitalized are unvaccinated. We will pay for people not wanting to get vaccinated – she said.

The specialist emphasized that in countries where vaccination coverage is high, coronavirus high infectivity does not carry high risk.

This means a large number of cases, but not a large number of hospitalizations and deaths. In Poland, the situation is dire when it comes to the number of people with Covid-19 who require hospital care. If the vaccination coverage in our country was at an appropriate level, we would not be afraid of further mutations the doctor pointed out.

It is not a problem that someone will test positive, have covid as a cold and have to stay home for a few days. The problem is that some people suffer from this disease hard, hospitals are overcrowded with covid patients, which puts a burden on the health care system, including limiting other patients’ access to necessary treatment – explained Dr. Stopyra.

As a result of the next wave, we will face a huge overload in the health service. We are no longer able to prevent it – she assessed.

In the context of the flu I have already mentioned, if this year, in addition to covid, patients also begin to suffer from influenza on a massive scale, they will all be hospitalized at the same time. The accumulation of these diseases will lead to drama – she added.

The most frightening thing is that children with Covid-19 and the flu will end up in hospitals, and even worse, they may die of diseases for which there are, after all, vaccines. – she said.

Dr. Stopyra argued that There are no reasons why children should be vaccinated against both Covid-19 and the flu at the same time. She also advised adults to get vaccinated with the third dose as soon as possible.

We observe that people who took the second dose more than 6 months ago begin to get sick. That is why it is so important to get vaccinated now with a third booster dose – she recommended.

The doctor also said that with the increase in infections expected in the coming weeks, she would have expected decisions on further restrictions, enforcing covid passports and wearing masks. This – in her opinion – would save human lives and would not lead to the collapse of the health service.

If a person decides not to vaccinate, he must not put others at risk. Introducing a lockdown for the unvaccinated would result in an increased number of vaccinations, and thus our safety would be increased – assessed Dr. Stopyra.

In this context, it may also be stated that vaccinated persons also infect. Yes, the vaccinated person can also infect, not only that – it is more likely that the infection will pass asymptomatically, which is why you need to wear masks. In the case of schools, it is much more difficult to enforce such requirements, so vaccinations among children should be carried out as soon as possible – she added.

There are many people out there who believe that they will pass through Covid-19 infection mildly. It can be compared, for example, to driving a car – we believe that we will reach our destination happily and we do not think that we may have an accident, although we know that such things are happening. I understand that someone believes they can avoid severe disease in this entire pandemic, but with a safe vaccine we’ve been waiting for with great hope, at a time when billions of people around the world are getting vaccinated, no I understand that there are still people who are afraid to vaccinate. It is for me absolutely inexplicable and irrational. We have vaccines, we have safe vaccines, and with vaccinations we can control the Covid-19 pandemic – appealed the specialist in infectious diseases.

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