Coronavirus, Italy. New restrictions, introduction of the Super Green Pass for the vaccinated

Until January 15, the regulations on the covid passport were tightened in Italy. Only holders of the so-called Super Green Passes have the right to enter cinemas, theaters, closed halls, bars and restaurants, and to mass events. In many Italian cities, checks have begun on public transport in connection with the entry into force on Monday of the requirement to have a sanitary pass.

Several days ago, the Italian government unanimously adopted a decree on the Super Green Pass and new, more stringent restrictions. They enter into force on December 6 and will be in force at least until January 15.

“Super Green Pass” only for recuperated and vaccinated people

Only holders of the so-called Super Green Passes have the right to enter cinemas, theaters, closed halls, bars and restaurants, and to mass events. A test pass is no longer sufficient there as an incentive to vaccinate.

Four months after the introduction of the sanitary pass in Italy, it was extended to public transport in many public places.

In Rome, 1,350 inspections were carried out at metro stops and stations on Monday. 30 passengers did not have the required ID and therefore could not get on the subway or bus. One fine of 400 euros was imposed for driving without the required permit.

Vaccinations in Italy

The Ministry of Health, in the issued circular, recommended that the third dose of the vaccine should be administered to people who have been infected at least five months after the second or after the infection.

Concurrently, there has been an increase in vaccination with the first dose in the last two weeks; 390 thousand people took it. people, which is related to the tightening of regulations.

Italian Internet users report an increase in the number of infections in the country and a decrease in severe COVID-19 cases.

Data from the last day are 92 deaths and 9.5 thousand. new infections, found in fewer tests conducted on Sunday; there were 301 thousand of them.

The number of infected patients in hospitals has increased to over 6,600. There are 743 patients in intensive care.


Coronavirus in Poland

The Ministry of Health confirmed 13,250 new cases of coronavirus infection on Monday. The ministry also said that 25 people suffering from COVID-19 have died.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 3,684,671 infections have been confirmed in Poland, 85,700 of those infected have died.

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