Coronavirus, Omikron. WHO director: more than half of the population in Europe can be infected with omicron within a few weeks

More than half of the European population could become infected with an omicron in the next six to eight weeks, warned the director of the World Health Organization for Europe, Hans Kluge.

Hans Kluge pointed out that in the first week of this year, Europe had more than seven million detected cases of coronavirus infections, which is – he said – more than doubling in two weeks.


At this rate, the WHO predicts that “more than 50 percent of the population in the region will be infected with omicron within the next six to eight weeks,” it said.

In November last year, Dr. Kluge explained that the spread of the epidemic was caused by factors such as the winter season, insufficient coverage of vaccination against the coronavirus or the regional dominance of the more virulent delta variant. Since then, a new variant of the coronavirus omicron has emerged in many countries.

At the beginning of January, the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, announced that, according to the ministry’s forecasts, the domination of the omicron in Poland will take place “around the end of January”.

Omicron. Where are we standing?

New information, both positive and anxious, is constantly flowing in about the omicron. Research from around the world confirms that the omicron is a milder delta variant. A UK Health Safety Agency study found that with omicron infection, the risk of hospitalization is reduced by 50-70 percent compared to previous variants.

However, omicron spreads faster than other variants and can bypass the immune system built up by vaccination or previous infection, so a booster dose of vaccines is recommended.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / FILIP SINGER

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