Coronavirus. Prof. Simon warns of a new mutation. “There will be a disaster”

In connection with the Omikron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the government announced on Monday a number of new restrictions that will apply from December 1. They will include ban on flights to 7 countries, new limits at weddings, cinemas, churches, gastronomy and extension of the quarantine for travelers from the non-Schengen zone.

– We are somewhere at the height of the fourth wave. Now we expect that either these increases will slow down and remain at this stable level. But of course we are also thinking about the more optimistic scenario that this number will drop. This way of thinking has so far assumed that we have the situation under control, i.e. we are able to manage the fight against the pandemic in a predictable way, having an idea of ​​what will be the increases, trends and what will happen on the side of hospitals – said Minister Adam Niedzielski on Monday conference.

As reported, the government decided to introduce a number of restrictions in connection with the new COVID-19 variant from December 1. The first part is the issue of quarantine for people traveling to Poland from non-Schengen countries, and the second is the restriction on people who can participate in indoor events. We write more about this in the article: Minister Niedzielski’s conference on the Omikron variant. New restrictions from Wednesday!

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