Coronavirus – Report of the Day. Government Alert Package. Monday, November 29

The first two cases of the Omikron variant were confirmed i.a. In Australia

In Poland, there were 13.1 thousand. cases, less than a thousand more than the week before. Countries around the world are concerned about a new coronavirus strain called Omikron, but experts reassure that its dynamics is no greater than the once-feared Delta strain. However, other countries tighten their borders and introduce restrictions. Poland is also among them.

Report of the Day – we summarize the most important information about the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences.

Kraska: 51 thousand tests, over 13 thousand. new infections

  • We have 13,115 new cases of coronavirus infection, the Ministry of Health reported on Monday;
  • Last day, 18 people died;
  • A week ago, 12,334 new coronavirus cases and 8 deaths were reported;
  • – We have made over 51 thousand. tests. These are data from the weekend, so we should be cautious about it, said Deputy Minister Waldemar Kraska on Polsat News.

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New restrictions of the Ministry of Health: alert package

  • The Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, presented an alert package of restrictions in connection with with the emergence of a new variant of the coronavirus;
  • The package includes both restrictions for traveling abroad, returning to the country, and domestic restrictions;
  • There was a ban on flights to seven countries – Bostwan, Eswatini, Lesotha, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe;
  • Those returning from these countries will have an extended quarantine period of up to 14 days without test release;
  • All objects with a 75 percent fill limit. will be reduced to 50%;
  • This applies to gastronomy, hotels, cultural institutions, churches, sports facilities;
  • All regulations will apply from December 1 to December 17.

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Staszów: the man died at home during quarantine

  • A 49-year-old resident of Staszów (Świętokrzyskie Province) died during home quarantine;
  • His 74-year-old mother was in serious condition;
  • The situation came to light during an inspection carried out by a joint police patrol and Territorial Defense Forces, which checked whether the household members comply with the quarantine rules.

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Experts: Omikron in Poland is a matter of time, dynamics similar to Delta’s

  • The WHO has assessed that the new variant of the Omikron coronavirus poses “a very high global threat with potentially serious consequences”;
  • – Omikron has an unprecedented number of spike mutations with the potential to influence the further development of the Covid-19 pandemic, the WHO notes
  • The organization reiterated its call on UN member states to “accelerate vaccination efforts in high-priority groups”;
  • We are struggling with media hysteria regarding the Omikron variant – said virologist Prof. Włodzimierz Gut;
  • He stressed that the vaccines we have will protect against this variant;
  • He added that Omikron is already in Europe, so closing borders does not make sense;
  • ‘The Omikron variant is more or less contagious with a level of contagion to that of Delta,’ said South Africa’s Dr Angelique Coetzee, who discovered the novel coronavirus strain;
  • The detection of the omicron variant in Poland is only a matter of time – says Dr. Emilia Morawiec, who is involved in the SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencing project at the Gyncentrum Genetic Laboratory in Sosnowiec.

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President and prime minister skeptical about compulsory vaccinations and certificates, councilors of the regional council

  • The mere application of such mechanisms as covid certificates is unfortunately not a guarantee of increasing the vaccination level, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki;
  • In the position adopted on Monday, the Sejmik of the Wielkopolska Region was appealed to the state authorities to take steps to introduce the obligation to vaccinate against COVID-19, at least for some professional groups;
  • Knowing the approach of my countrymen, I cannot imagine introducing compulsory vaccinations against COVID-19 – President Andrzej Duda said in Budapest;
  • At the same time, he called for the “most reasonable” approach to be used and to take advantage of the vaccination.

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The Netherlands. Quarantine escapees caught on a plane

  • Dutch military police arrested a couple who fled a hotel for quarantined South African travelers;
  • The spouses tried to leave the country via Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport;
  • According to the services, the couple were arrested on Sunday night on board the plane, just before departure;
  • They stayed in the hotel after being diagnosed with coronavirus infection;
  • It is not known whether this is a new variant of Omikron.

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Japan is closing the borders. Fears of Omicron

  • Japan’s borders will be closed to foreign visitors from Tuesday due to the spread of the Omicron;
  • Earlier this step was taken by the Israeli and Moroccan authorities;
  • “This is a precautionary measure to avoid a worst-case scenario in Japan,” said Prime Minister Fumio Kishida;
  • He added that Japanese returning from several government-determined countries will have to be quarantined in designated facilities.

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Biden and Fauci talk about Omicron. Will they limit flights to the US?

  • The US President’s medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told Joe Biden that more will be known about the transmission capabilities and other features of the COVID-19 variant, Omikron, in two weeks time;
  • Joe Biden met on Sunday in Washington with Fauci, his chief medical adviser to the president, and with his coronavirus response team;
  • In his opinion, it would be advisable to limit flights to the region.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Minister of health Adam Niedzielski presented the alert package of restrictions in connection with with the appearance of a new variant of the coronavirus – Omikron. The package includes both restrictions for traveling abroad, returning to the country, and national restrictions.

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