Coronavirus – Report of the Day. Omikron: New COVID-19 Variant. Friday, November 26

In the photo: the military is transporting COVID-19 patients on transport planes to the federal states with more places in hospitals.

In Poland, there were 26 thousand on Friday. 735 new cases of coronavirus infections and 421 people have died. The situation is critical in Germany, where military planes are transported to hospitals in other federal states. The first case of a new COVID-19 variant discovered in South Africa has been reported in Europe. WHO considered the variant “disturbing” and dubbed it Omikron.

Report of the Day – we summarize the most important information about the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences.

Almost 27 thousand new cases of COVID-19

  • The Ministry of Health announced that there are 26,000 in Poland. 735 new and confirmed cases of coronavirus infections;
  • The greatest number of infections was recorded in Mazowsze (4,363), Silesia (3,262) and Wielkopolska (2,471);
  • So far in Poland, infection has been confirmed in 3 million 461 thousand. 66 people;
  • 129 people died due to COVID-19, and 292 people died from comorbidities;
  • The total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic has been 82,000. 607;
  • For COVID-19 patients, 25 thousand. 261 beds and 2,293 respirators;
  • There are 783,000 in quarantine. 716 people
  • During the day, over 105.6 thousand. tests.
  • During the day, 171,000 were vaccinated. 954 people;
  • There were also made over 105 thousand. 682 coronavirus tests.

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WHO: A new variant of the coronavirus with the name Omikron

  • The World Health Organization has named Omikron on a new variant of the coronavirus:
  • Variation B.1.1.529 found in South Africa was found to be “alarming”;
  • Experts found the new variant highly contagious;
  • About 100 confirmed cases have been reported so far;
  • The authorities of many countries have decided to limit flights from Africa.

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More than half of Poles vaccinated against COVID-19

  • In Poland, 20 million 329 thousand are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 159 citizens;
  • The daily number of vaccinations is 163 thousand. 580;
  • The third dose of the vaccine was taken by 266,000. 930 people;
  • A booster dose was given 2 million 70 thousand. 275 people;
  • In total, 75 million 286 thousand. 960 doses of vaccines;
  • 41 million 997 thousand were sent to vaccination points. 895 doses.
  • 16 thousand. 213 adverse vaccine reactions, most of them mild.

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Covid passport valid for up to 9 months after the second dose

  • The European Commission recommends that the covid passport be valid for 9 months after the second dose of vaccination;
  • The EC proposes to update the rules on travel security;
  • 650 million digital certificates for full vaccination against COVID-19 have been issued in EU countries;
  • The Commission wants to update the rules on travel from third countries to the EU;
  • From January 10, 2022, vaccines will be accepted that are not recognized by the European Medicines Agency, but are on the list of vaccines recommended by the WHO;
  • The new recommendations must be accepted by the Member States and the European Parliament.

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A new variant of the coronavirus

  • New Coronavirus Variant Discovered in Israel and Belgium;
  • The temporary hospital at the PGE National in Warsaw has been operating since Thursday from 5.00 p.m.
  • The Portuguese Prime Minister announced the introduction of a state of natural disaster;
  • In Germany, military planes transport patients to other hospitals;
  • The Senate passed a resolution to be concerned about the covid situation in Poland;
  • 95 percent children and adolescents participate in stationary classes – the Minister of Education and Science announced.

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New COVID-19 variant in Belgium

  • In Belgium, the first case of a new variant coronavirus has been detected;
  • B.11,529 originally identified in South Africa;
  • The sick person returned from abroad and was not vaccinated;
  • On November 22, the person tested positive;
  • Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst said the patient had returned from Egypt;
  • The World Health Organization has been investigating the new variant;
  • The news about the new variant is very worrying, said the head of the European Commission;
  • “You have to get vaccinated as soon as possible,” said Ursula von der Leyen;
  • It called for the suspension of flights to places where a new variant of the coronavirus has been detected.

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Germany: military transports COVID patients by plane

  • Record of COVID-19 infections in Germany;
  • The authorities decided to transport the sick to other hospitals;
  • The sick are transported by Air Force planes;
  • Sick people from Bavaria in the south will go north;
  • “These are flying ICUs,” wrote the daily Tagesspiegel.

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New COVID-19 variant in Israel

  • A new COVID-19 variant has been confirmed in Israel;
  • A person who has returned from Malawi is infected;
  • Two other people are also suspected;
  • They are all tested;
  • The country has banned flying from parts of Africa;
  • Travelers returning from red-listed countries will be placed in quarantine;
  • It will last from 7 to 14 days;
  • The new variant was first detected in a Botswana patient;
  • Then it was discovered in a South African patient;
  • The 36-year-old who returned from South Africa to Hong Kong also has it.

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Students without admission to school. “Masked Terror”

  • The headquarters of the primary school in Gąbin (Mazowieckie Voivodeship) introduced the obligation to wear masks;
  • All students must cover their mouth and nose;
  • The parents of two girls do not agree with the decision of the school;
  • Children are not admitted to school due to the lack of masks;
  • One of the children has a medical certificate which exempts them from the obligation;
  • The school did not take this into account;
  • Parents accuse her of harassing her.

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