Coronavirus – Report of the Day. Sunday, November 21

Italian doctors receive a third dose of the vaccine at the San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital in Rome

Sunday is almost 19 thousand in Poland. new infections, an increase of 5 thousand. week to week. Health Minister Adam Niedzielski recalled the assumptions of the new act, which is to introduce the possibility of checking the sanitary safety of employees by employers. Protesters in Europe are fighting against similar laws. Sometimes – as in the Netherlands or Italy, clashes take a brutal turn.

Report of the Day – we summarize the most important information about the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences.

Almost 19,000 new cases in Poland

  • We have 18,883 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus;
  • 41 people died last day;
  • A week ago, on November 14, the ministry informed about 14,442 new infections and 46 deaths;
  • On Saturday, 23,414 people were infected and 382 died;
  • The number of all those infected since the outbreak of the pandemic has reached 3,345,388.

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Certificates for employees. Niedzielski recalls the assumptions

  • “The draft proposed by MP Hoc treats vaccination, testing and recovery status on an equal footing,” the Minister of Health wrote on Twitter on Sunday;
  • “This means that unvaccinated people will be able to confirm their epidemic safety with a test” – wrote Adam Niedzielski;
  • He referred to a project enabling the employer to gain knowledge about vaccinating employees.

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Dr. Chudzik: more patients with “long COVID-19”

  • With each successive wave of COVID-19, the percentage of patients with symptoms related to it increases three months after infection;
  • Information about the long COVID-19 was provided by Dr. Michał Chudzik, the creator and coordinator of the STOP-COVID program;
  • Dr. Chudzik has studied over 2.3 thousand people for over a year. patients with complications after COVID-19;
  • There are about 200 of them every month;
  • As the doctor said, if not for the limited capabilities of the team in which, apart from cardiologists, work, among others, lung disease specialists, psychologists, neurologists and dermatologists, there would certainly be more.

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Italy: infections on the rise in three weeks

  • For the third consecutive week in Italy, there is an increase of 20%. the number of deaths from COVID-19;
  • The vast majority of the dead are unvaccinated;
  • The relevant data was presented on Sunday by Amerigo Cicchetti from the Catholic University of Rome;
  • He added that the average age of the deceased had dropped to 60;
  • In the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic, mainly elderly people died, currently – as shown by the presented data – the fight against COVID-19 is being lost by younger and unvaccinated people.

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Riots against restrictions in the Netherlands, injured policemen

  • After Friday’s protests, more clashes with the police took place in several Dutch cities on Saturday night;
  • Opponents of pandemic restrictions took to the streets, including they used fireworks against the officers;
  • In The Hague, the city where the Dutch government is based, demonstrators attacked policemen, including stones, started fires and destroyed road signs;
  • As reported by the police, mobile security forces used water cannons;
  • Five policemen were injured during the clashes;
  • At least seven demonstrators were arrested.

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PHOTO OF THE DAY: Opponents of covid passports clashed with Milan police on Friday. In Italy, green passes from October 15th are required to be admitted to work in both the public and private sectors.

Clashes of anti-vaccines with the police in MilanPAP / EPA / MATTEO CORNER
Clashes of anti-vaccines with the police in Milan

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