Coronavirus. Slovakia introduces a two-week lockdown

The restrictions, the scope of which will be presented by Prime Minister Eduard Heger, are also to apply to the vaccinated. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Richard Sulik informed the journalists about the decision. Meanwhile, government experts recommended even stricter restrictions. Lockdown, in their opinion, should last three weeks.

In addition to the lockdown, Slovakia also decided to introduce a state of emergency for 90 days. It is to be associated with a ban on leaving the house. It will be possible to travel to and from work. The preliminary information also shows that only shops with basic necessities are to be opened in the country. Employers will check anti-covid certificates. After 10 days, the government will evaluate the effects of the measures taken.

The decision was made due to the growing number of daily SARS-CoV-2 infections and the overload of the health care system. On Tuesday, laboratories in Slovakia recorded over 10 thousand. new infections. This is the most since the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020. There are 3,000 in hospitals. 200 COVID-19 patients.

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