Coronavirus. Slovakia – lockdown nationwide for 14 days

A state of emergency will apply in Slovakia from midnight. In addition, the government introduced a nationwide lockdown for two weeks. The rules are to apply to all citizens, including those who are vaccinated. After 10 days, the government is to evaluate the operation of the restrictions, and if it decides to loosen them, the changes will apply to the vaccinated, said Prime Minister Eduard Heger.

Lockdown in Slovakia

The state of emergency is related to the introduction of a ban on leaving homes. According to preliminary information, only basic necessities will be available. It will be possible to travel to and from work. Employers will check anti-covid certificates. Unvaccinated people will have to undergo testing.

Government experts recommended even stricter restrictions. Lockdown – in their opinion – should last three weeks.

After 10 days, the government will evaluate the effects of the measures taken and some restrictions may not apply to the vaccinated people.


Coronavirus in Slovakia

The decision to lockdown was made due to the growing number of daily coronavirus infections and overloading the health care system. On Tuesday, laboratories in Slovakia recorded over 10 thousand. new infections, most since the pandemic in March 2020. There are 3,200 COVID-19 patients in hospitals.

Lockdown in Austria

From Monday, a nationwide lockdown for all residents is in force in Austria. The decision to introduce the blockade is explained by the government with record increases in the number of coronavirus infections. The lockdown will last at least 10 days, and can be extended to 20 if necessary. Austrians are only allowed to leave their homes during the lockdown for good reason.

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