Coronavirus today, in Italy another 53,127 cases (+ 39.4% from last week) and 156 victims


Cases currently positive, cured, deaths and total cases from first detection to date. New cases day by day

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Campania, 5 thousand new cases, incidence at 15.74%

There are 5,001 new positives at Covid in Campania, out of 31,759 tests examined. The incidence rate is 15.74%, a very slight decrease compared to 16% yesterday. The bulletin of the Crisis Unit reports six new victims, of which four died in the last 24 hours and two from the previous days. Intensive care units employed are 25 (-1), while the downward trend in hospitalizations is interrupted, today at 545 (+1).

Lazio, today 6,052 cases and 17 deaths

“Today in Lazio, out of 10,060 molecular swabs and 42,684 antigenic swabs for a total of 52,744 swabs, there are 6,052 new positive cases (-84), 17 deaths (=), 1,046 hospitalized (+9), 73 therapies intensive (-6) and +8,199 the healed. The ratio of positives to swabs is 11.4%. The cases in Rome city are at 2,823 ”. This was announced in a note by the Lazio Region Health Councilor, Alessio D’Amato, at the end of the videoconference of the regional task force for Covid-19.

Friuli Venezia Giulia, decline in infections and intensive care, 5 deaths

Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia, on 4,924 molecular swabs, 234 new infections have been detected (4.75%). Furthermore, 5,780 rapid antigenic tests have been carried out, from which 406 cases (7.02%) were detected. The number of people hospitalized in intensive care is down to 10, while there are 150 patients hospitalized in other departments. This was announced by the deputy governor of the Region with responsibility for Health Riccardo Riccardi. The most affected group is 40-49 years (16.88%); today there are 5 deaths, of people aged between 50 and 88 years. The total number of deaths is 4,824. The totally healed are 292,431, the clinically healed 192, the people in isolation are 17,322. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a total of 314,929 people have been positive. The total number of positive cases was reduced by 2 units.

In Piedmont 1,945 new cases, positive rate of 6.3%

The Covid positive rate in Piedmont drops to 6.3% today, compared to 7.1% yesterday. With the outcome of 30,768 swabs, of which 26,655 antigenic, 1,945 new cases were found. The number of hospitalized in ordinary wards is decreasing, – 45 (total at 590), while the number of patients in intensive care remains unchanged, 29. The deaths reported in the bulletin of the Region’s Crisis Unit are 4, none relative to today. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 1,002,367 positive cases have been recorded in Piedmont, 13,117 deaths and 946,320 recovered, today 1,741. The people in home isolation are 42,311, the currently positive 42,930.

Sardinia, 1,696 infections and 5 deaths

1,696 new positives have emerged in Sardinia, where there are also five victims, including a centenarian. The new cases of Covid emerged from the examination of 562 molecular swabs and 1,407 antigenic ones, in total 10,195 tests were processed. The victims are a 77-year-old woman and a 77-year-old from Cagliari, a 90-year-old woman and man in Southern Sardinia and a centenarian in the north of the island. The number of positive patients admitted to intensive care remains unchanged (18) while the number of beds occupied in the medical area drops to 308 (5 less). With 8 more people, the number of cases of home isolation rises to 23,328.

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