Coronavirus. We achieve records in Europe in terms of the number of deaths

  • Over 400 people have died due to COVID-19 in the last 24 hours in Poland. Thus, the number of deaths caused by this disease in Poland exceeded 80,000.
  • Compared to Europe, we are ranked above Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain in terms of the number of deaths per million inhabitants, but better than, for example, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania and Croatia.
  • MEP Radosław Sikorski published a post on Facebook in which he writes “Bravo PiS”, which can be read as blaming the ruling party for the pandemic situation.
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A heated discussion developed under the fast. Some commentators support the view of Radosław Sikorski, who, writing ironically in his post “Bravo PiS!”, he clearly made it clear who he blames for the current covid situation and the unquestionable progress of the third wave of the pandemic. The second part believes that the ruling party has little to do with the situation, and the opposition has done little on its own to prevent the development of the coronavirus epidemic.

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Deaths due to COVID-19 are on the rise

Covid statistics in Poland are not optimistic. On November 19, the Ministry of Health reported 403 deaths from COVID-19. Thus, the number of deaths caused by this disease in Poland exceeded 80,000. This means that the fourth wave is attacking us in full swing, and compared to other European countries, we look worse and worse not only in terms of the number of vaccinated people, but also in terms of deaths due to the coronavirus. The number of deaths per million inhabitants is growing, and thus the number of so-called excess deaths, i.e. deaths exceeding the fairly balanced level maintained over the previous years.

On Facebook, Radosław Sikorski quotes one of the latest charts of John Hopkins University, which provides up-to-date data on the coronavirus in the world.

Radosław Sikorski: Bravo PiS!

At the same time, the MEP points to the actions of PiS as one of the reasons for the current state of affairs. Let us recall – while many European countries (including Germany, Austria, France) introduce a number of covid restrictions, in Poland there is no question of any version of the lockdown so far. The rulers believe that Poland cannot afford to close down the economy, and the society would certainly oppose further restrictions.

Over 300 comments appeared on the MEP’s post. “I’m glad to be in Canada. We have almost 90 percent. vaccinated. Where masks and a COVID passport are needed, the number of infections is very small. “- comments one of the Internet users. Another entry has a similar pronunciation:” I am glad that I live in Italy, where most probably soon vaccinations will be compulsory for everyone “.

However, there is no shortage of opinions that the chart has been adapted to the thesis and the PiS position does not really matter here. “I do not know what PiS has to do with it. We simply cannot afford lockdown, moreover, it seems that it does not have a large impact on the number of infections. Now there are no restrictions and there are as many patients as in the previous wave” – ​​writes the Internet user. Another observes that we should compare ourselves to other countries, similar to us in terms of health care and the level of development.

“Dear Mr. Radosław, a chart selected for the thesis, it makes no sense to compare with countries with a completely different level of development and level of health care than Poland. Including neighboring countries, the graph does not look so tragic anymore. But unfortunately it does not fit the message. “Another adds sharply:” There is no way to show a graph like “I’ll compare a pear to an apple and show the guilty one” massacre. Perhaps, instead of spreading populism and demagogy, we should offer an alternative? Total opposition and nothing for a long time. “Facebook user to emphasize his words cites another part of the chart:


Source: Facebook

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