Coronavirus will be treated like ordinary flu in Spain

The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for two years. Lockdown, vaccinations, new waves, new variants – it seems that the pandemic has already shown us all its faces. The Spanish authorities made a similar assumption, which decided that the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus had to be used to.

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Compulsory vaccinations for everyone?

Coronavirus in Spain. No more testing

According to the journalists of “El Pais”, the Spanish authorities have been working for months on a plan to gradually move away from universal surveillance of coronavirus infections in favor of the so-called “point surveillance”. This was also confirmed by the Prime Minister of Spain in an interview with the Cadena SER radio station.

“We have the conditions to gradually and carefully open a debate at a technical and European level to assess the evolution of this disease using different parameters than before,” said Pedro Sanchez.

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The changes are primarily to deviate from regular testing and reporting of each subsequent case. This means the end of testing every person who has noticed one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection. For the time being, this is not possible due to international law that requires meticulous statistics and recording of all cases.

Testing nationwide would be replaced by testing only at key points. Doctors in health facilities or schools will calculate the risk by collecting information from specific regions, which will allow to predict the scale and direction of further spread of the virus.

Spain. Coronavirus like the flu

Do not confuse COVID-19 systematization as a disease with downplaying the threat. It is not without reason that the Spaniards are considering introducing such changes. Spanish society is 81 percent. fully vaccinated, and 85 percent. the people of the Iberian Peninsula are vaccinated with at least one dose. This gives more freedom in loosening covid restrictions.

The plan announced by the Spaniards has been in preparation since summer 2020. It is not known yet when its introduction will begin. As reported by “El Pais”, it is certain that this will not happen during the sixth wave caused by the omicron variant.

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