Coronaviruses cause the exodus of millions to a group of luxury us and International

One of the beaches of East Hampton, in the State of New York.
One of the beaches of East Hampton, in the State of New York.GETTY IMAGES

“I’m putting the family in the car. In a couple of hours I’ll be on the road. I have more than $ 200,000. I want a house with six or seven rooms. And I want to sleep in it tonight.” This is the content of the message that is received at the beginning of march, by Eddie Shapiro, president of the real estate NestSeekers, which specializes in luxury properties in the Hamptons, the isles a place frequented by the ultra-wealthy, new-york. “What we have in the house that he needed to do, and we’ll send you the pics. He looked and made his decision then. He transferred the money out of the carand that night, after a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the deep, was set up in the house with his family for the passing of two months,” says Shapiro over the phone.

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The mobile phones from real estate agents in the region do not stop to receive the orders of the like. The prospects of confinement in the city of New Yorkone of the epicenters of global pandemic of the coronavirus that causes Sars-CoV-2, which is produced to an elite, the exodus to places more open and spacious, where you go to. The migration began three weeks ago. All the talk of a quarantine for a generalized, and the imminent spread through groups of a Chat. Those who have second homes (or third, or Wednesday, or Thursday) rushed in to engage them. The demand for rent by the season, soared on the list of summer regulars of new york’s most wealthy people. Because of the coronavirus will not know geographical boundariesbut the class is harder to take apart.

Some even before their own staff for cleaning. Others hire a company to do so, and to request that the cleaning of each room is recorded on video. “No one can trust anyone else,” explains Shapiro. These clients are asking for pools, refrigerators, and additional tennis courts. And also the whims of the most extravagant: for advice, to celebrate “a birthday party for their virtual child,” to“, a professional tennis player to catch the ball”.

The high season in the Hamptons is usually to go to the end of may to beginning of September). But right now the prices are already at the maximum level. “Even we have to talk to the owners, who normally do not rent out their houses, and ask them to put their properties on the market at the price they want,” says Shapiro. “This will be the year with the highest occupancy rate in the history of the World.”

This phenomenon is repeated in other destinations, luxury accommodation close to major north american cities, such as San Francisco and Chicago. This is an exception, in the industry of travel, that is mainly so, due to the pandemic.

This is kind of a vacation for the summer. early, in the midst of a health emergency is unprecedented, it brings challenges to the local authorities. In many of these places, we are concerned that the capacity of the limited infrastructure of the hospital to respond to a potential the increase in people needing hospitalization in the coming weeks.

“Don’t travel here from another area that is experiencing a high transmission of the Covid-19. This region has the health care resources limitedthere are also stocks a limited set of food and other essential commodities,” he said in a statement, the emergency services, the rural county of Schoharie, in the mountains, the Catskills, the other a popular tourist destination for wealthy new yorkers. “For the health and well-being of the community,” they announced to the authorities of the island, between Long Island and Connecticut, “if the people don’t need to come over right now to Fishers Island for a specific reason, we ask that you postpone your trip for at least a month.” On the other side of the country, on the border between California and Nevada Carol Chaplin, the director of the tourism authority in the lake Tahoe area, had a similar message for the one who escapes from confinement, “That’s something that I thought I would never say in my whole career on the tour, but please, please, please, to be in the house at the moment, ” she said in a statement on Monday.

Also, the relationship between the locals and the visitors, found himself affected as well. Especially since, in the past week, the White House recommended it to all of those who have gone out of the city of New York are subject to a quarantine period of 14 days. The sudden hunger on the part of some of the families newly arriving in addition to this, led to shortages in some trades. “There has always been a somewhat love-hate relationship between the locals and the visitors,” explains mr. Shapiro. “The local economy is fed by visitors. The locals love to hate them, but they also love their money. So yeah, when someone goes into a panic, and asks for half the meat in a butcher’s shop, as it turned out, the traders had to calm down and to remind him of that, for as long as the products continue to be replenished on a daily basis.”

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