corrective measures published in the Official Gazette

The auto market is still living in the crisis situation that has unfortunately been with it for some time now. Starting from 2020, with the Coronavirus pandemic and the consequent lockdown and total closure of all commercial and professional activities, the number of new car registrations has experienced a never-before-seen decline.

Even today, the entire segment is struggling to recover, despite the positive sign in August, due to too many other factors that have contributed to exacerbating the crisis, such as high bills, the war between Russia and Ukraine, resulting in a lack of materials. first, the crisis of microchips and semiconductors, and also the expensive fuel, which obviously decreases the purchasing power of Italians. In this scenario, there are those who are waiting for measures by the government for incentivize the purchase of new cars. Are there any news.

Corrections published in the Official Gazette

Speaking of bonuses, the decree it contains has been published in the Official Gazette all expected corrective measures of the current car incentive scheme, concessions for those who want to buy a new low-emission car. Now, as foreseen, the inter-ministerial provisions must be issued to establish the methods of disbursement of the funds that the Government has provided for car incentives in Italy. So in a few days we will know more and it will certainly be possible to start submitting applications.

The new bonuses

In August, the Executive approved the Dpcm which provides for an increase in incentives for those with an income of less than 30,000 euros. These citizens will be entitled to a 50% increase in the amount paid out in the form of a bonus for the purchase of new vehicles of a class of not less than Euro 6 with emissions between 0 and 20 g / km (electric cars) and with an equal list price. at a maximum of 35,000 euros. In this case you are entitled to 4,500 euros (instead of 3,000) or 7,500 euros (instead of the current 5,000) in case of scrapping of a vehicle before Euro 5.

For vehicles with carbon dioxide emissions from 21 to 60 g / km (we are talking about hybrid cars, in particular plug-ins), with a maximum price of 45,000 euros, we are talking about 3,000 euros of bonuses (currently 2,000), which become 6,000 euros with the scrapping (and no more 4,000). A very important corrective that comes with the new decree concerns the inclusion of companies and rental operators, previously excluded: the bonus today also concerns “legal persons who rent cars as long as they keep ownership of them for at least 12 months”. As for traditional or hybrid cars with emissions between 61 and 135 g / km, unfortunately the incentives are out of stock for months.

The high measures introduced with the decree

There is another decree in the Official Gazette, and it is the one relating to the provision that aims at the realization of new private and condominium charging stations, with an expected loan of 40 million euros. This means that 80% of the purchase price and installation of the charging station can be obtained, up to a maximum of 1,500 euros for each person who requests and 8,000 euros in the case of columns inserted in the common parts of buildings. condominium.

There is also talk of new proposals for encourage the conversion of the automotive industryit is therefore expected that in 2022 50 million euros will be allocated to development contracts and agreements for innovation, and 350 million for each year from 2023 to 2030.

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