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The line of the leader of the Brothers of Italy passes on the rule for Palazzo Chigi. The joke of the Knight during the summit in the House

While the center-right summit is still underway, at least one of the knots that had divided the coalition so far seems to be resolved: Giorgia Meloni he obtained a general yes to his request to “keep the rule always adopted up to now” according to which the party of the coalition that arrives first will have the right to nominate the candidate for premier.

It was a very delicate point in view of the elections on which the leader of the Brothers of Italy did not want to hear reasons, but on which Forza Italia was holding back: “It is a topic that I am not passionate about” she said. Silvio Berlusconi, after having himself – already a week ago – proposed another method – the election of the candidate for premier by an assembly of elected representatives, immediately after the vote. Proposal immediately rejected by Meloni and officially not even supported by Matteo Salvini, Maurizio Lupi and the other center-right leaders, who had instead supported the request of the Brothers of Italy.

Berlusconi closed the first round of the match with a joke: “There is no problem, so we at Forza Italia will get the 20”! Now we are discussing the other intricate knot, that of the method to be adopted for the distribution of single-member constituencies, and what is due to each party. From what filters, the center-right parties should run with their own symbol (separate lists with the indication of a political leader), as the leader of Coraggio Italia had also asked upon his arrival in Montecitorio Luigi Brugnaro and how it had been in 2018.

The first to reach the top was Salvini, who reached the offices of the Lega group in a jacket and jeans together with his deputy Giancarlo Giorgetti and the vice president of the Senate Roberto Calderoli. Shortly after, Berlusconi appeared, president of Forza Italia in a blue suit, tie and sneakers in the same color, who had not returned to the Chamber since February 2021 (consultations for the Draghi government). The Cavaliere has collected in recent days the abandonments of the ex-Fi ministers Renato Brunetta, Mara Carfagna (who will go to the mixed group) and Maria Stella Gelmini (now also of the deputy Rossella Sessa), but has just welcomed Valentina Vezzali into his ranks. With him present at the top Antonio Tajani, Licia Ronzulli, in addition to the deputy and partner Marta Fascina.

The leaders of Lega and Fi arrived in dribs and drabs at the headquarters of the Chamber of Deputies around 3 pm, to meet Giorgia Meloni, president of the Brothers of Italy. With her Ignazio La Russa. In addition to the three leaders, the UDC centrists (Senators Antonio De Poli and Antonio Saccone), Coraggio Italia (Luigi Brugnaro) and Noi con Italia (Maurizio Lupi) were also present. An important summit for the center-right, which took place for the first time in years in an institutional seat and not in one of Berlusconi’s residences between Rome, Milan and Sardinia.

The leader of FdI had immediately specified that it will be “premier who gets the most votes, as has always been done”. Berlusconi and Salvini, further back in the polls, appeared more cautious. Now the agreement reached should instead lead the center-right more compact during the electoral campaign and towards the elections. In the meantime, the leader of the Brothers of Italy has summoned the party leadership for tomorrow.

July 27, 2022 (change July 27, 2022 | 20:30)

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