cosmetic brand. What products does it offer?

Jennifer Aniston has launched her own beauty brand LolaViewhat she boasted about on Instagram. We checked what products it sells and how much they cost.

Jennifer Aniston she is not only a valued actress, but also a tabloid favorite. They are especially eager to look at her love life. Although the star has not confirmed that whoever she is dating, the color press every now and then reports that she is romancing her ex-husband again, Brad Pitt.

Aniston dismisses the speculation in silence. When he gives interviews, he focuses primarily on professional matters. Just like some time ago when she commented on her Instagram account. She revealed that she is very careful in what she publishes:

I sound like a broken record, but it’s hard to just go in there and not judge anyone. All I have is to maintain this little circle of holiness that is only mine. If I sit and post something about my dogs or post a photo of a cup of coffee in the morning, then I’m giving away something that is only mine – she said in an interview with Elle.

The star set up her profile in 2019. The first photo she shared won the hearts of fans in no time. Just like any other one that arouses widespread interest.

Jennifer Aniston: beauty brand. What products does it offer?

It was on her profile on social media that Jennifer Aniston announced that she was setting off to conquer the business world. She reported that she had launched a cosmetic brand LolaViewhich focuses on hair care products. The first one has already gone on sale:

Hello world! Meet @Lolavie. We have been working on this project for a long time. I am very excited to finally introduce it to you. Our team put so much hard work into creating this line. I am really proud to tell you that our product does not contain all these bad things. It does not contain parabens, silicones, sulfates, phthalates. The cosmetics are gluten free, vegan… and of course cruelty FREE because we love our animals.

Internet users did not leave the post without a reaction. In the comments, they congratulate you on your success and also emphasize that they can’t wait to try these products.

As we checked on the brand’s website, at the moment one product was put on sale. It is a multi-purpose, light spray that facilitates detangling the hair, while also smoothing and giving it shine. It costs $ 25 (less than PLN 100). Can Jennifer Aniston products be bought in Poland? Not yet. Sales are only carried out in the United States.

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