cosplay of Marin in the costume of buttercupcosplays move the sun and the other stars –

What is real poetry? To find out, just look at this cosplay from Marin in a bathing suit, the character from the Japanese series My Dress-Up Darling, made by buttercupcosplays. Dante’s inspiration is evident. At first glance it is not very clear where he is, but trust that in the shot there is certainly a quote from Saint Bernard.

They don’t seem written for the cosplayer the verses: “are you the one whom human nature / ennobled yes, that his Maker / did not disdain to make himself his work?” Aren’t the later ones also very suitable? “Love gathered in your womb, / for whose warmth in eternal peace / so this flower has germinated.”? We are obviously faced with the description of this Marin, who with Maria has only a letter of difference, made in unsuspecting times and placed in Paradise. Almost a prophecy, one might say.

After all, we too, faced with so much magnificence, cannot but affirm: “Oh how short the saying is and how dim / to my concept! And this, to what I saw, / is so much, that it is not enough to I will say ‘little’. ” And conclude by thinking about “the love that moves the sun and the other stars.”

In short, a cosplay that elevates by transcending our senses and our thoughts to the heights of the heavens!

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