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Nothing like a little reunion! TV and movie stars constantly congregate in Hollywood, whether on a red carpet or for a new project.

Jennifer Garner is reunited with Mark Ruffalo, who played her love interest in 13 Going on 30, and working on another film with her co-star has made it even more special.

“It was wonderful,” Garner told Good Morning America in March of filming The Adam Project with Ruffalo. “We were playing a married couple and we had this immediate comfort, and obviously there is just such a connection and such a warmth. It was truly a wonderful experience to revisit that relationship. “

Meanwhile, the cast of Friends got back together for one final public celebration of their hit show, and it was a very sentimental experience.

“In a way it was a punch in the heart,” said Jennifer Aniston in SiriusXM’s Gayle King in the House shortly after the Friends special was released on HBO Max in May 2021. “I think it was for all of us. . Courtney too [Cox] we tore our tears ”.

The cast – who later on in the special confirmed that they would no longer reunite publicly for the show – got to retrace their old sets and this added more nostalgia to the walk down the boulevard of memories.

“We fictionalized it, but you also have to remember we weren’t there [since the series finale]”Aniston explained at the time. “And that time was a very specific moment, when we were saying goodbye to something we didn’t want, we cared deeply, but we knew it was time to say goodbye. Our lives were ahead of us. We had our future ahead of us ”.

The Morning Show star added, “It almost felt like time had stopped and we traveled through time. And there’s good in that, and then there’s heartbreak in that.

As for Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, they turned their reunion after their time on The Vampire Diaries into a commercial venture that kept them working together again.

“The reality is that we would have finished filming and gone to the bar or home or whatever, but we would always relax and have a bourbon, so we developed this love for bourbon,” Wesley Entertainment Weekly said in April 2021 about creating. a whiskey brand based on their fictional characters’ love for the drink.

Wesley continued: “So we fell in love with it. And when the show is done, we finally got some time and we really put this thing together. We are so proud of it ”.

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