Coty buys 20% of the group beauty Kim Kardashian for$ 200 million.

Coty buys 20% of the group beauty Kim Kardashian for$ 200 million.

Kim Kardashian at the ceremony in Beverly hills, January 2020 – AFP/File

The American cosmetics group Coty has acquired a 20% stake in the company beauty products Kim Kardashian, appreciating the company of the stars of the reality show in about$ 1 billion.

The company will pay$ 200 million and, along with Kim Kardashian, “directed their efforts to enter new product categories) and to lead a global expansion in addition to existing production lines,” – said in a press release.

The artist’s wife of hip-hop, Kanye West and his team “liderarão all the creative force from the point of view of initiatives, products and communication, based on his remarkable ability to communicate with a global audience through social networks,” said Coty.

Kim Kardashian built an Empire by studying the phenomenal success of the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, which in 2007 takes the audience acompanhara life and mother and sisters Kardashian and Jenner.

The program has 177 million followers in Instagram and nearly 300 million total all platforms.

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