Could he be the one to save the world?

A biography of “Elon Musk” written by Walter Isaacson was published this week. But will this book change the way we think about Elon Musk?

Master American journalist-author Walter Isaacson wrote biographies of “Albert Einstein”, “Benjamin Franklin”, “Leonardo da Vinci” and “Steve Jobs”. He even told Steve Jobs that it was too early to write his biography and did not accept. At first, when they found out he was sick, they were convinced. This master writer, who put biographies of geniuses on the “bestseller” lists, worked for Time magazine for many years.

One of the well-educated, cultured journalists of olden times. After first meeting Elon Musk, one of New Order’s most controversial namesake for his biography, Elon Musk immediately announced on Twitter, now known as All you want to know about space Frankly, it surprises the author that he shares this information when there is no agreement yet, but he attributes this impatience and carelessness to Elon Musk’s character traits. He says, “If this had not happened, he would not have been able to establish the world’s largest companies.”

Different from Jobs’s biography

This book is different from the biography of “Steve Jobs” because due to Jobs’ death he decided to finish and publish the book in a short time. When the book was published, there was also information that Steve Jobs was not a good father and that his wife Laura Powell Jobs was pretending to meet him. Although this information was removed from the book in later editions, it was enough to cause the author a falling out with Laura Powell Jobs and Apple’s then-creative director Jony Ive.

Now, partly under the influence of this, author Isaacson does not draw any conclusions about Elon Musk in this book. This time, he lists the information and leaves it to the reader to decide. But of course, while writing this book, he follows Elon Musk like a shadow and attends his meetings; Meeting family, friends and even enemies.

Could he be the one to save the world?

Musk’s biography was written by American author Walter Isaacson, who also wrote biographies of Leonardo da Vinci and Steve Jobs.

Hero or child?

This is Elon Musk’s dream of saving humanity, which left the most impact from these meetings! In fact, Musk positions himself as a superhero and also brings life to Mars in his research to save civilization and humanity, which will be damaged by the climate crisis, artificial intelligence and declining birth rates. Meanwhile, all the women who have entered Elon Musk’s life agree: He is a “child-man.”

Yes, his ego is very high, his empathy is zero. His anger flares up quickly like a straw flame and is quickly extinguished.

But still, they all have the same idea: no one is Elon. Elon has many different faces, you are very lucky to have a good one. Of course, in the meantime we are also aware of many rumors. For example, we learn from Grimes that she had her third child thanks to a surrogate mother, and that the sperm donor was Shivon Zilis, who works on the Neuralink team, who delivered the baby at the same hospital without Grimes’ knowledge. Had given.

Of course, Elon Musk’s brother, Kimbal Musk, also points out that Amber Heard, whose big affair we followed with enthusiasm after her divorce with Johnny Depp, and who had entered Elon Musk’s life for some time, It was toxic. “Elon loves fire, and sometimes fire burns him,” says Amber Heard. Of course, the book also covers current issues that affect the world more deeply. For example, there are issues like the Internet outage caused by Ukraine via Starlink satellite during the Russian war (or the failure to extend requested Internet support, which they later fixed). Of course, the details of Twitter, now known as X, are an Elon Musk company…

own playground

“When Elon was a child he was beaten a lot on the playground. That’s why they wanted to create their own playground,” says Walter Isaacson, explaining the process of Twitter’s transition to X. The book gives many details about Elon Musk, but it doesn’t ask many of the questions you’d want or expect him to ask. In such a situation, will your opinion about Elon Musk change after reading the book? I do not think so. Anyway, he lives.

Elon Musk is undoubtedly a controversial name, either he has fans who love him very much or enemies who hate him… However, we have to admit that the biography of an entrepreneur who founded companies like Tesla and Space Founded, which created an economy bigger than many countries, a must read. Especially if it’s written by an author like Walter Isaacson. However, let’s remember what Elon Musk says about this: “One day, I will definitely write my biography.”

This is the man who hung the sign “If I don’t make a decision, we’ll die” on the walls of the Tesla factory. Perhaps when he says we’ll die he really means Tesla, but it’s certainly not possible to be sure that a man who sees himself as a world-saving superhero means anything more than that. Is.

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