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At last Jamie Spears will cease to be Britney’s curator. However, she still remains incapacitated and her property needs a new guardian. The choice fell on Jason Rubin. The candidate does not seem to be a trustworthy person.

Photo: Shutterstock The new curator of Britney Spears

Objective achieved

The situation of the artist seems to have changed for the better since she hired a new lawyer, Mathew S. Rosengard. And it certainly has gained momentum compared to previous years.
The most important point for Britney Spears and her lawyer was and still remains termination of incapacitationstill covered by the star. At the outset, however, it was decided to deal with a much more pressing issue. It was about removal of Jamie Spears as his daughter’s probation officer. The star’s father made decisions about the fortune accumulated by Britney throughout her career.

Jamie’s reign is over

Father of the star, Jamie Spears recently announced his resignation from office tutelage over Britney. Apparently, he does it for the sake of his daughter. Although he himself is not convinced of the real benefits of such a decision. The attorney and Britney Spears have applied to the court to “release” the artist’s father from the post of curator. Rosengard believes the new probation officer should be a certified state accountant. Pagesix revealed that Rosengart proposed Jason Rubin as the new curator of the singer. The man is a Chartered Accountant from California.

Jason Rubin

Jason Rubin would replace Jamie Spears as the “manager” of the singer’s estate. The man had applied for a similar type of guardianship before, then it was about his own mother. Interestingly, the court did not consent to his guardianship. His brother and mother also refused to agree. And the accountant forged a certificate from a psychiatrist, which was revealed during the hearing.

Behind the scenes

Jason Rubin wanted to become his mother’s guardian due to her mental problems, more specifically, it was about diagnosed with schizophrenia. In order to additionally support his request, Rubin documented subsequent incidents proving the need to introduce guardianship. Because the doctor who issued the certificatethat the accountant’s mother had psychosis, he had never met Mrs. Ida Rubin (Jason’s mother), the certificate was found to have been fabricated. Britney’s father will likely stop being her curator. However, it may turn out that her situation will not improve at all.

Power over life

Britney Spears has been incapacitated since 2008. Then it the father of the star Jamie Spears together with the then attorney Andrew Wallet got control of Britney’s life, every aspect of it. Britney had a nervous breakdown after divorcing Kevin Federlin. The singer was taken from custody of the children in 2008.

It’s not over yet

We’ll find out what the Britney Spears case will go on on September 29. Another hearing has been scheduled for this date, and the star’s new curator will be managing cases related to her fortune, which is worth approximately $ 60 million. Moreover, he will be in charge of her professional affairs.

Britney Spears’ father agreed to resign from guardianship. “It’s a great victory”

Breakthrough for Britney Spears. The singer’s father decided to resign from further custody over her property “for the sake of her daughter”. The star’s lawyer considers this decision a great success.

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