Count candida Scarpinato. In the M5s list also the former magistrate De Raho and the former minister Costa. Who are the others: from Appendino to De Santoli

There are the various big of the 5 stars, from Chiara Hangers to Stefano Patuanelli. But above all there is the name of Roberto Scarpinato to launch the list of candidates chosen by Giuseppe Conte for the policies of next September 25th. A name, that of the former attorney general of Palermo, which will certainly represent the flagship of the 5-star election campaign in Sicily. A sign that Conte focuses heavily on the votes of the island, a real stronghold of the 5 stars. But the former prime minister evidently also points to the support of Campania: in fact, the anticipation he saw has been confirmed Federico Cafiero De Raho, former anti-Camorra prosecutor and national anti-mafia prosecutor, among the names chosen by the former premier. In Conte’s list, however, there is none Dario Vassallobrother of Angelo, Pd Mayor of Pollica, killed in 2010. But let’s go in order.

Conte’s price list – A few hours before the start of the parliamentary, that is the online consultation to decide the candidates for the elections, on the website of 5 star movement the list of 15 names has been published which, “by virtue of the experience gained and the roles they have held or hold, will ensure the continuity of action and experience necessary to face the new legislature”. On the 5-star website we read that “the proposal will be submitted to online consultation by members, who will be able to express a favorable or contrary opinion, so that they can be included, with priority criteria, in the lists of candidates in one or more multi-member constituencies “. The members of the 5 stars will therefore have to promote or reject the choices made by Conte on the 15 names that are destined to enter Parliament.

The 4 deputies, the group leaders and the notary – The list, as announced, also includes four of the current vice-presidents of the M5S: the deputies Michele Gubitosa, Riccardo Ricciardithe deputy minister of Economic Development Alessandra Todde and the senator Mario Turcoformer undersecretary to the presidency of the council at the time of the government Count 2 and trusted man of the former prime minister. Among the big politicians, the presentation of the former mayor of Turin Appendino and the Minister of Agriculture has been confirmed Patuanelli (former member of Conte 1 and group leader in the Senate): both are candidates for the Chamber. In the list also the group leader in Montecitorio, Francesco Silvestriand the one at Palazzo Madama, Maria Domenica Castellone. A place also for the former president of the 5-star senators, Ettore Licheri. In the list Conte has also decided to put the notary of the 5-star Movement: it is Alfonso Colucci, the same one who certified last year’s vote, later challenged by the Naples court. At the moment Colucci holds the functions of the Control Body of the 5 Star Movement and coordinator of the legal sector of the Movement.

Attention to the ecological transition – The former Minister of the Environment also finds space in the list, Sergio Costaand Professor Livio De Santoli, energy expert. On the other hand, Conte, in a video published on social media in the evening, had explained to the subscribers that inside the list they would find names of “expert personalities in ecological energy transition“. Costa, General of the Carabinieri and head of the Forest in Campania, role in which he investigated Land of fireswas Minister of the Environment in the two governments led by the leader of 5 star movement. De Santoli, on the other hand, is a university professor: full professor of Energy Management at the Faculty of Engineering of the Sapienza University of Rome and of Technical Plants ad Architecture. At Sapienza De Santoli he was also Vice-Rector for Energy Policies (2018-2020) and Sustainability (from 2021) and coordinator of the Technical-Scientific Committee for Sustainability.

From massacres to the economic mafia: who is Scarpinato – Presenting the list, Conte had also said that he would nominate “exponents of civil society, especially in the legal field, in the fight against the mafia, in contrasting all forms of mafia infiltration”. In this sense, it can be said that in Italy Scarpinato represents one of the most experienced magistrates in investigations on Cosa Nostraon its links with the world of finance, with politics, the masonry and black eversion. Born in Caltanissetta but now living in Palermo for decades, Scarpinato began to be a magistrate at the time of the anti-mafia pool with Paolo Borsellino And Giovanni Falcone. Then he was prosecutor in Palermo at the time of the massacres: in the days following via d’Amelio, he led the revolt of the 8 substitutes against the then chief prosecutor, Pietro Giammanco, accused of having isolated both Falcone and Borsellino. A revolt that forces the Superior Council of the Judiciary to take care of the case and Giammanco to step aside. Among the most trusted magistrates of Giancarlo Caselli, Scarpinato was the representative of the public prosecution at the trial of Giulio Andreotti. Then as assistant prosecutor he directed del Mafia-economics department, creating a group of magistrates and investigators specialized in dismantling criminal assets. As attorney general of Caltanissetta he then initiated the review processes for the people unjustly convicted for the massacre in via d’Amelio, due to the misdirection orchestrated with the statements of the false repentant Vincenzo Scarantino. Returned to Palermo from general Attorney has resumed investigating the massacres of ’92: concluded his latest investigation, still top secret, on his last day of work, last January, before retiring. He is considered one of the most prepared investigators on the events related to the bombs of 1992 And 1993Scarpinato told the background of his investigations during a very long interview contained in Slaughterthe podcast on the ’92 massacres produced by Everyday occurrence.

De Raho, former national anti-mafia prosecutor – Together with Scarpinato, then, Conte confirmed the candidacy Federico Cafiero de Raho, who was national anti-mafia prosecutor from 2017 until last May. Previously he had been Deputy Attorney at Napleswhere he filed trials against the New organized Camorra. Then in the district anti-mafia direction, where he was the protagonist of the Spartacus trial against the Casalesi clan. Since 2013 he has dealt with Ndrangheta as chief prosecutor of Reggio Calabria, until his appointment as national anti-mafia and anti-terrorism prosecutor.

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