Countdown to Freddie Mercury’s Most Anticipated Auction: Here’s What You Can Bid on

vocalist of what’s in it He was a great collector and his memorabilia are currently being auctioned. This is a unique opportunity to explore the public and private spheres of a unique global icon. 6 auctions, Sotheby’s It reflects the style and quality of a kaleidoscopic world. freddy MercuryIt encompasses art, fashion, musical instruments, personal documents, possessions and photographs, furniture and jewelry accumulated over 50 years.

Freddie Mercury and his memory

This collection has been meticulously preserved in his beloved home in London. Garden Lodge Active for more than 30 years, showing quality work and versatility, it is a testament not only to his many passions, but also to his innate style, artistic mastery, and brilliant mind.

of series The auction is preceded by a month-long public exhibition that immerses visitors in the world of auctions. freddyan experience that gives you full access to some of the most exciting and rare examples of objects from true legends of the 20th century.




he Yamaha G2 It was a baby grand piano, one of the few pianos Yamaha What was on the market at the time. The Japanese company had just started exporting pianos in the early 1970s and had a long wait. But as the auspicious day approaches, freddy With the help of his bandmates, he moved the upright piano and composed the following songs on it.killer queen‘ and ‘seven seas of ryefrom the living room to the bedroom, the only room with enough space to accommodate you, allowing your new purchase to be proudly placed in the living room.

Mercury He also used the piano to complete this epic. ”bohemian rhapsody‘. For that matter, we were talking about albums like “”.Great Pretender‘ There is also a special theme and that piano is used: ‘Barcelona‘.This album united Freddie and the legendary soprano singer Montserrat CaballeBorn from a piece of music I composed with Yamaha at Garden Lodge. In fact, this project Barcelona Woke up after a champagne-filled night singing with musicians and laughing Mike Moran, Montserrat and freddy around Yamaha 1987after a performance by Cabaret, conducted by Moran at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

Going back to the history of acquiring that piano, Mary Austin, freddy Weeks of intensive searches in numerous stores“But he came home frustrated and disappointed each time. He couldn’t find what he was looking for until one day he finally came home excited. I found. 1000 pounds And he could barely fit in the little apartment he shared with Mary.

A piano that is currently in perfect condition may be sold for the following prices: £2m and £3m.


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