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During the evening there will also be talk of the death of Alika, a Nigerian killed in Civitanova Marche.

Wednesday 3 August, from 21:25 on Network 4a new episode of Countercurrent. The talk is conducted by the journalist Veronica Gentili which, in the next appointment, will host several important exponents of Italian politics. The program will be available in streaming via Mediaset Play.

Countercurrent August 3 Veronica Gentili

Countercurrent 3 August, election campaign and alliances between parties

During Countercurrent on 3 August, ample space will be given to internal politics. In recent weeks, the Italian political situation has literally revolutionized. The Draghi government fell and, for this reason, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella dissolved the Chambers. The new elections will take place on 25 September and, due to this, the whole month of August will be used for the electoral campaign. The parties are arguing with each other to sign coalitions and alliances.

The last, in chronological order, is the one between Democratic party And Action. The agreement came after a meeting between the leaders Enrico Letta and Carlo Calenda. Of this, probably, Veronica Gentili will speak in the company of Stefano Bonaccini. The latter, President of the Emilia Romagna Region, is one of the leading exponents of PD. Indeed, Bonaccini will be among the guests of the show.

Countercurrents 3 August, guest of the former Speaker of the Chamber Laura Boldrini

During Countercurrent of 3 August, Veronica Gentili will welcome Laura Boldrini. The deputy, former President of the Chamber, is a member of the Democratic Party. The talk will then discuss some of the issues at the center of the electoral campaign. First of allimmigration. In fact, with the elections approaching, the issue has returned to the center of the political debate.

To talk about the matter there will be a link from Lampedusa. The island has been struggling with an important wave of landings for days. The case of the death of Alika, the Nigerian brutally killed in Civitanova Marche will also be addressed.

Countercurrent 3 August Laura Boldrini

The controversy will be addressed on cases of dysphoria in clinics where sex change is performed

During Countercurrent on August 3, other issues deeply felt by the Italians will be dealt with. First of all the dear life, caused by an inflation rate that has now exceeded 8%. This, combined with high bills and high fuel, has forced many Italians to change their habits to save money. Guests and experts will then address the theme of work. This, in fact, is too often absent or poorly paid.

Finally, during the August 3 episode of Countercurrent, we will talk about the community LGBT. Some exponents, through their testimonies, will take stock of the rights that are denied them. A particular space is foreseen on the controversies relating to cases of dysphoria in the clinics where the change of sex takes place

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