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San Isidro Labrador

Tomorrow is Monday May 15 and we will celebrate the day of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers within the religious and agricultural calendar.

San Isidro Labrador was a man of humble origins born in Madrid, Spain, in 1082 and died in the same city in 1130. In life he was a worker dedicated to agricultural work, he distinguished himself as a man who believed in God, good, simple and of noble feelings, pious and devoted to prayer, during his works he interrupted work to pray, and there were those who claimed to have seen how angels plowed the earth while they prayed; In short, there are many extant miracles and anecdotes that are attributed to this unique saint.

Until many years ago in our country farms and I remember specifically how in our lagoon area, farmer families and haciendas and ranch protectors used to have processions and dances between farm fields to trap San Isidro Labrador. To intercede before the Lord our God so that the fields may produce a healthy and bountiful harvest; Especially in times of drought, whole families begged for rain with an unwavering faith, hence the people, garlands, dances, processions, songs and relic (food) accompanied by roasts and soups, the patron saint of farmers, San Isidro Labrador.

There are ancient works by San Isidro Labrador in the Laguna area such as those present in the Hornos de Vilas de Bilbao hacienda in the municipality of Vesca Coahuila.

It is in our area that there are churches and convents with this name in honor of this revered saint. The ancient natives encouraged the rain in a rural way by beating drums in honor of the god Tlaloc. Presently we are separated little by little from the close union that once existed, that sacred human-nature bond. Today in the midst of this drought we must look back and have faith in God and through saints like San Isidro Labrador to return him before the rains in our region. Mexico is a beautiful country with a great cultural richness and beautiful traditions, which are slowly being lost because of our indifference, without considering that even that little grain of sand that we can help a lot live the traditions in our country Are. It is hoped that this May 15, in addition to celebrating Teacher’s Day, families, farmers and their employers in the countryside will return and re-live that joy brought to earth through the celebration of San Isidro Labrador, as in the past and together Sing the famous and repetitive chorus that says San Isidro Labrador poured water and took away the sun! San Isidro Labrador says put on water and take away the sun!

Next, a topic of great interest to all

world bee day

Next Saturday, May 20th, “World Bee Day” will be celebrated, which is being organized since 2018 and aims to raise awareness of the importance of these beautiful and productive insects in nature, especially as pollinators. the reasons they do and which are the basis of the production of food in the region; This year under the slogan “Commitment to bees: Respecting pollinators for agricultural production”.

The date chosen to celebrate World Bee Day is the birth of Anton Jansson, a pioneer of modern beekeeping, belonging to a family of beekeepers from Slovenia.

Currently, the numbers of bees, pollinators and many other insects are declining. World Bee Day is an opportunity for all governments, organisations, civil society and citizens to promote actions that protect and support pollinators and their habitats, increase their abundance and diversity and support the sustainable development of beekeeping Are.

Below, and on the occasion of this important date, a beautiful poem of my writing:

Sweetness Mvz Martha Robles

I have seen her come out of her hive that beautiful and hard worker who faithfully does her job to make honey and fine wax for us

I wish we were like the bee a beautiful example in nature that enjoys work and does not complain and thus ignores laziness.

She spends her small life from flower to flower, she gives us her sweet love, which makes her beloved in the world.

And as always a great idea to meditate on at the end:“The bees are of paramount importance and we depend on them.”Albert Einstein

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