COURIER – Naples, now the renewals of Rrahmani and Lobotka: figures and details. Increases for Di Lorenzo and Anguissa

The club has already planned the extensions of several players. There is also a sort of prize for Giovanni Di Lorenzo.

After the renewals of Meret and Zerbin, now is the time for Rrahmani and Lobotka. Then the extensions of Di Lorenzo and Anguissa will come. As reported in today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport, the priority is for the players who have the contract closest to expiration, of course. Here is what we read in the Roman newspaper: “Next the next ones, starting with Lobotka And Rrahmani, so it is inevitable not to expect a salary increase after the exciting start to the season. For the Slovakian there has been talk for some time with his entourage to extend the current contract expiring in 2025. The Slovak earns 1.6 million, like the former Verona (1.5) and for both the company has ready an adjustment from 2.5 million to go up with bonus to be inserted to round the figure “.

“Then there are the situations – continue reading – by Politano and Zielinski. For the outside, we started with exploratory talks, the future of the reborn Polish man who last renewed two years ago will also become central. Anguissa And By Lorenzo they are already armored, expiring in 2026, but Napoli is thinking of new contracts for them too. For the midfielder the salary increase (with extension) is deserved, for the captain the idea of ​​another renewal (with relative increase in salary) after that of a year ago is (also) a reward for his growth confirmed by the band. inherited from Insigne. But Napoli will not stop there. If there is still time for Osimhen and Mario Rui to plan new strategies (2025), it will soon be inevitable to stop and reflect on the fate of Juan Jesus, Zanoli and Sirigu, all expiring in June “.

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