Courmayeur without water, Castel del Monte evacuated-


New fire on the Karst, Trieste isolated a few hours then the rain extinguishes the flames. The residents and tourists of the Val di Fassa, evacuated on Friday evening, returned to their lodgings

Some on the ropes for violent thunderstorms, those who instead deal with the damage caused by fires and prolonged drought. a weekend characterized by extreme climatic events, but of opposite sign, the one that opened the busiest holiday period. THE thunderstorms mainly affected the Northwhile in the southern regions they are fires broke out which destroyed dozens of hectares of vegetation. Here is the situation in detail

* Valle d’Aosta – The landslide that fell in Friday Val Ferret, an area already unstable from the hydrogeological point of view, at the foot of Mont Blanc had consequent unforeseen events. The country of Courmayeur without water, Mayor Roberto Rota announced: Unfortunately, the damage to the aqueduct is important. We are working, and will continue to do so day and night. We organized two distribution points for citizens, which will continue tomorrow as well. The situation is critical, also because these days there population increased from 2,700 residents to almost 30 thousand.

* Trentino – They went back to their homes and hotels the inhabitants and vacationers of the va di Fassa forced to leave their lodgings on Friday evening after the fall of some landslides following a violent storm. Firefighters and Civil Protection worked all night and managed to clear the interrupted roads and secure most of the buildings threatened by mud.

* Friuli Venezia Giulia – A day with two faces in the easternmost region. In the morning a new fire struck the Karst reliefs behind Trieste. The smoke blown by the wind forced to interrupt the trains between Monfalcone and the Julian capital and also the highway between Villesse and Triste, for a stretch of about forty kilometers. Chaos also on the secondary roads that had to absorb the flow of tourists headed to Slovenia and Croatia. The motorway was reopened just before 8pm but only in the direction of Trieste. The mayor of Duino formed an ordinance requiring residents to wear a mask outdoors. Then in the late afternoon the rain eased the danger.

* Puglia – In the south, the emergency totally represented by fires. About 80 hectares of vegetation were destroyed in Castel del Monte. it was necessary to evacuate the famous octagonal castle, a destination for hundreds of tourists. The fires in the evening threatened some villas and tourist facilities in the area. Flames also in Salento where 50 hectares of Mediterranean scrub have been lost in the area of ​​Santa Maria di Leuca.

* Sicily – Devastated by arson the Youth Village of Raffadali (Agrigento). The flames destroyed a large area of ​​undergrowth and the firefighters and civil protection intervened several times. . Anger from the inhabitants who have defined the arsonists as bad, moron and brainless. All of that doesn’t get me down, I take it as a challenge, we will plant new trees expanding the wooded area of ​​one of the most beautiful places in our Raffadali, said Mayor Silvio Cuffaro

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