Courteney and Jennifer and other celebrities who passed of companions of distribution to BFFs

There are many times that the connection between actors is just as remarkable on the screen that it seems impossible not to be friends/lovers in real life. But in many cases not only the relationship between the two stars is diluted as it was filmed the last scene, in other in addition, the celebs of turn won’t take anything well. Famous was the phrase of Tony Curtis when you said after appearing with Marilyn Monroe in ‘With skirts and crazy’, that kissing her was “like to do it with Hitler.”

But sometimes after the end of the series or movie, the actors or actresses become ‘Best Friends Forever’, as happened for example to Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps, who met while rolling the flagship series for teenagers ‘Dawson grows’. Philipps was described by ‘Entertainment Weekly’ friendship as “you know, it was love at first sight… We had that something, that connection of friendship. It was something immediate. Of course, we continue drinking wine and smoking cigarettes and sending us into fights bar”.

  Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps. (Getty)
Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps. (Getty)

Williams for his part said that “when I met her, it was the girl more cool than I had ever seen. I had a nose piercing. Wearing the hair in braids and pants with suspenders. And I thought ‘I want to be this person when it is greater’. He was my first friend of truth“.

In another series of even more well-known, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox went from female flatmates to have a relationship of friendship that continues more alive than ever. What was Monica Geller was a vital figure for Jennifer when she divorced her second husband, the actor Justin Theroux, but also during her breakup with Brad Pitt.

And on your last birthday we spent a beautiful photo on Instagram with the message: “No matter how hard you try… Jennifer Aniston there is only one”.

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After starring in eight films together as the Avengers in the Marvel universe Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson boast also of a close friendship. About their chemistry, Johansson explained to ‘Entertainment Weekly’ in march 2020, which “is really the result of ten years of knowing someone and being able to have a kind of intimacy with them, which I believe that you get only after spending a lot of time with that person.”

  Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner. (Getty)
Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner. (Getty)

Super united are also two other actresses, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams. Sisters in ‘Game of Thrones’ and BFFs in real life, made a tattoo identical and the small Arya was her maid of honor when she married Joe Jonas in June of 2019.

In terms of ‘bromances’ male, especially of the protagonists of the popular comedy of doctors ‘Scrubs’, Zach Braff and Donald Faison, they are still great friends after finishing the series, and even have a podcast together: ‘Doctors fake, real friends with Zach and Donald’. Also James Franco and Seth Rogen they became BFFs after participating in the cult series ‘Freaks and Geeks’, in addition to continue to do several films together.

  Leo and Kate at the Oscars 2016. (Getty)
Leo and Kate at the Oscars 2016. (Getty)

How was there room at that table for Leo DiCaprio after the Titanic sank? Though Kate Winslet sentence him to a tragic death, both actors closer ties while rolling the multioscarizada movie. The actress has even come to declare that “Leo is my best friend in the world”.

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