Courteney Cox admits that has been hard to be away from her boyfriend because of the coronavirus | News


The situation due to the pandemic of coronavirus has caused many people to stay away from their loved ones, and that includes celebrities. Courteney Cox is one of them, for it revealed that long ago that you don’t see your boyfriend Johnny McDaid. “I have not seen in a long time”, confessed to the star Friends to Ellen DeGeneres in a video call to his television program. “We spend a lot of time on Facebook, but I miss the physical contact. This is hard”he admitted. But the actress has not only been affected in terms of their life partner, because he told some friends that were with her in her home in Malibu, were diagnosed with Covid-19 days after leaving your home. “One was completely asymptomatic and the other, knocked him down (the disease)”. Courteney recounted how difficult it was to such a situation, especially in the case that it became serious. “I had symptoms, three days after he was in the hospital with a ventilator, his kidneys collapsed… he Is athletic and very young… and your husband was completely asymptomatic,”continued by recounting the harrowing event, however he pointed out that, fortunately, your friend is already out of the hospital, which was considered “a miracle”. Early last month it was announced that Cox and the rest of their co-stars of Friends, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Leblanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmerthey had already saved the long-awaited special episode of the series noventera, which no doubt was a good news for their fans in these times. “The six of us got together and we talked of old times. We put together the band without instruments”revealed the interpreter of Joy in the show Kelly Clarkson.



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