Courteney Cox changed her traditional hair-cut and mark tendency


Source: Instagram Courteney Cox.

We all have those moments that we want to leave aside the status quo and change the way we feel and face life.

For some reason, there are many people who when you are looking for a change opt for boot by the hair, probably because the cut that we always carry says a lot about our personality and the time we live in.

Who opted for a change of look aside from their traditional cut “bob” it was the actress Courteney Cox. The famous protagonist of Friends you have opted to change in your image the traditional cut that is all one trend that will never cease to apply in Hollywood.

It seems that the short hairstyle does not have the days numbered. Probably for its versatility, since it is a long that you can customize by playing with layers or with bangs.

But there are also other cuts that work as well as the “bob” and one of them is the “shag“ for example, and it is precisely that you began to look Cox in the last few weeks.

It is a cut that allows it to be used in any type of hair, with or without bangs, and also have other stars like Taylor Swift and Anne Hathaway.

A trend that comes

The specialists in fashion consider that this hairstyle is on the way to become the next big trend in Hollywood to what is left of this year and for the 2020.

The actress posted on her account Instagram an image that shows your new hairstyle done by stylist in london-based George Northwood, who was also in charge of preparing the mane Alexa Chang and the hair of the wife of Harry, Meghan Markle for your wedding.

Now the hair of Cox it is just above the collarbone with lots of layers that give it volume and also depth. In addition to premiered bangs and obtained a style type 60’s that he loves his followers.

According to what he told in his account of the social network, it also made the colourful Sally Northwood apply some reflexes caramel color your hair chocolate brown.

At the time of the trends in the cut “shaq” of Courteney Cox it will be one of the most requested in the autumn in the northern hemisphere and we will see what happens in the spring-summer season for this side of the world.



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