Courteney Cox talks about her resemblance… it’s Caitlyn Jenner!

The comparisons, especially among celebrities, are always odious and the last couple of days the social networks they hoped to rubbing his hands the reaction of Courteney Cox after a photograph of you received a barrage of comments pointing out your course like with the former olympic medallist Caitlyn Jenner.

It all started with a selfie in which Courteney Cox –protagonist of the series ‘Friends’– appeared next to the comedian David Spade and that gave rise to an intense debate about the similarities between the shape of the chin and the nose of the two women. Finally Courteney Cox it has spoken to the respect to recognize that she, too, has been completely bowled over with this discovery.

David Spade he shared this image, and I admit that I didn’t think I seemed, but this has been a surprise”, has written the interpreter on its own Instagram next to a compilation of all the messages you have been receiving and comparison of a first plane of Caitlyn Jenner and another one of yours. “Agree… I also see you”, he admitted.

His famous friends and the rest of his followers have been quick to applaud the sportsmanship with which he has taken all of the situation. “You are hilarious. My god, I can not want more”he has assured his fellow cast Jennifer Aniston.

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