Covered in Mud, This Is How Francia James Showed Herself in Tik Tok Taking Massages

The Colombian model and influencer, Francia James, enjoyed a nice mud massage, which on Tik Tok generated various reactions

Muddy in mud, this is how the model Francia James showed herself, who challenged her followers on Tik Tok to follow the massage she took in Colombia.

Francia James is a social media influencer, who was also a model for the famous bunny magazine, getting a lot of attention from Instagram users.

After his appearance in the publication a year ago, his number of followers grew immensely, who delight the pupil with each of his publications.

Always showing off her curvy figure, with an abdomen very marked by constant exercise, in addition to long blonde hair, she has stolen the hearts of millions on social networks.

And this time he did his thing again, with a peculiar mud massage that he took, and that challenges his followers to try it.

On the video platform Tik Tok, the model uploaded a series of videos relaxing in an outdoor spa, in which she took a rather muddy massage.

Covered in mud from head to toe, it was how Francia James showed herself when enjoying the massage in her native Colombia, looking very funny in each of the three publications on the social network.

Wearing a bikini in animal print and with her hair gathered in two braids, the Colombian model immersed herself in the mud, leaving not an inch of her body untouched by it.

In them, you can see the masseuse running her hands down the legs of Francia James, while she jokes and poses for the camera.

“Colombian mud bath, would you dare to try this?” the model wrote in the message accompanying one of the videos.

After being massaged, we see her walking towards a river that was to one side, where someone else helped her gradually remove the mud that covered her entire body.

“The last step! Towards the river to remove all the mud after submerging ourselves in it, how often would they do something like that? “, it reads in the last publication.

The videos immediately blew up the social network, because, in addition to showing off her enviable body that draws the sighs of many, the massage caught the attention of her followers, and many of them assured that they would take it.

“Where do I sign?”, “Let them hire me, I don’t charge a penny”, “I finally found what I want to work on”, “I went there like five years ago and ended up with amazing skin”, were some of the comments on Tik Tok.

The first publication already has nearly 12 million views, while the second with about 846,000, and the third and last with 34,000 views.

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