COVID-19 and vaccination of seniors. New research

The Belgian research institute Sciensano said on Friday that vaccinated people over the age of 65 are only 13 percent. less likely to test positive for coronavirus than unvaccinated people of the same age.

Similar results were reported by the Dutch National Institute of Public Health (RIVM). The Institute conducted research among people over the age of 75.

“Vaccines in the elderly are only 13 to 19 percent effective,” said epidemiologist Brechje de Gier (RIVM), quoted in the daily De Volkskrant.

Both institutions admit, however, that taking a preparation against COVID-19 effectively protects against the disease itself. According to carefully analyzed data from RIVM, 91 percent of vaccines. protect against hospitalization and 96 percent. before admission to the intensive care unit. Sciensano paints a similar picture in Belgium – 88 percent. (hospital) and 93 percent (ICU).


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