Covid-19, from March 10 it will be possible to visit relatives in the hospital but under these conditions –

Multiple readers have written to our blog asking us if the news of the return of the family members of the hospitalized patients is again possible in the hospitals of the territory. Given the circumstance, after having made the necessary verifications by consulting the official online sources, we can only confirm that, a starting March 10, 2022relatives of people admitted to hospitals will be able to return to visit their loved ones:

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However, access will only be possible with mask Ffp2, reinforced green pass (obtained after carrying out the third dose Of anti-covid vaccine) or if able to show that they have been healed for less than 6 months by submitting a negative test performed within 48 hours prior to access. In addition, the permissible residence time will be to the maximum of 45 minutes per day. Admission is forbidden to those who only show a “basic” green pass, ie obtained with only the swab. However, we remind you that the display of the green pass is not mandatory for patients requiring medical treatment.

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