Covid, 29,040 new infections with 182,614 swabs and another 85 deaths

The numbers of the pandemic: from now on once a week – There are 475,906 people currently positive for coronavirus in our country. The Italians infected since the beginning of the pandemic are 23,504,224, while the total deaths rise to 179,025. Overall, the vaccine doses administered are 141,759,979. From now on, as anticipated by the Ministry of Health Schillaci, the Covid bulletin passes from a newspaper to a weekly basis, every Friday.

Rezza: cases and decongestion of hospitals decrease – “There is still a decrease in cases, incidence and RT which is just above the epidemic threshold. There is also a decrease in the occupation of hospitals by Covid patients and therefore there is a decongestion of health facilities”. This is said by the director for prevention of the Ministry of Health Gianni Rezza in the video that accompanies the weekly monitoring.

Masks in the hospital: still no decision – Meanwhile, according to what is learned from sources of the Ministry of Health, no final decision has yet been taken regarding the renewal or forfeiture of the ordinance that dictated the rules for the use of masks in hospital and in RSA. In fact, experts’ opinions on this matter are being evaluated in view of the deadline of 31 October next.

Fiaso: we will evaluate the use of masks. Law on litigation no vax – “The health departments assess the obligation of masks for health workers on the basis of risks, department by department, to protect the frail” and “a provision is also needed to resolve the dispute of health companies and hospitals with suspended no vax operators”. This is what Fiaso claims in a note. “The fall of the obligation of masks in hospitals does not in any case exempt health and hospital companies from compliance with the law on hygiene and safety at work which involves a risk assessment, department by department”.

The risk explains Fiaso, concerns not only Covid but that too flu or related to other viruses. “This is why the health departments are evaluating, on the basis of the corporate DVRs, the obligation for health professionals to wear masks when in contact with patients or in certain hospital environments. The goal is to maintain maximum safety. in the departments for the frail and for operators health directorates therefore to identify, on the basis of hospital environments and departments, any obligation: as is the case for workers on construction sites who have the obligation to wear a helmet, so in some hospital settings, doctors, nurses and health workers may have to wear a mask when they are engaged in patient care “, said Giovanni Migliore. , president of Fiaso.

“In the last months of the pandemic, health and hospital companies have implemented the path that the current legislation has indicated to us with respect to suspension of operators no vax, which took place on the basis of the verification of the requirements for the exercise of the profession carried out by professional associations and notified to companies – added Migliore -. The overwhelming majority of health professionals as well as the entire scientific community believe in the importance of vaccinations which have been a fundamental safeguard to overcome the pandemic, yet that minimal number of suspended no-vax health workers has led to a significant dispute that has been stratified in companies. and that burdens the administrative management. We ask the government for clear regulatory intervention which leaves no room for interpretation, for the resolution of the dispute and to be able to use all possible resources to ensure assistance “.

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