Covid: 45,225 cases, 43 deaths. Fiaso, hospitalizations increase – Health

There are 45,225 new infected with Covid-19 registered in the last 24 hours (yesterday they were 58,185), according to data from the Ministry of Health. The victims are 43 (60 were notified yesterday). The positivity rate is 20.10% (yesterday at 20.1%). The molecular and antigenic swabs carried out were 224,969 compared to 293,096 of the previous day.

The total number of Covid cases detected since the beginning of the pandemic in Italy is 22,648,063, as emerges from the bulletin of the Ministry of Health. I’m 171 patients admitted to intensive care in the balance between income and expenses (yesterday they were 155), or 16 more, while daily admissions are 33. On the other hand, the hospitalized in ordinary wards are 5,073 (yesterday they were 4,814), that is 259 more. The currently positives are 509,740. 21,961,023 have been discharged and healed, while the total deaths since the beginning of the pandemic are 177,300.

The Covid-19 hospitalization curve rises and Covid beds in hospitals return to occupy themselves. In one week the number of hospitalized patients, both in ordinary wards and in intensive care units, in fact increased by 39.7%. They are mainly elderly people who are not vaccinated or without 4 / a dose. It emerges from the survey of 4 October in the sentinel hospitals of Fiaso (Federation of hospitals and healthcare companies). It is a “sudden turnaround”, says Fiaso: just a week ago, the number of hospitalized patients had increased by 5% and all were borne by patients with Covid, in hospital for other diseases and found positive for the swab.