Covid, Brusaferro: “The curve returns to grow and infections increase” – Chronicle

While the Covid bulletin today it records 53,127 new cases and 156 deaths, andn Lombardy the admissions return to rise, confirmation arrives: there is aturnaround compared to the improvement of the past few weeks. “Increase transmissibility, increase incidence and the epidemic risk worsens in various Italian regions, even if the decrease in hospitalized people continues “underlines the president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Silvio Brusaferro, commenting on the data from the control room. “We reiterate the need to respect the recommended individual and collective behavioral measures, as well as to complete the vaccination cycle or to start it for those who have not already done so in all age groups because these are the tools that allow us to contain the circulation of the virus and the most serious and important effects that may exist for our health “.

Though the occupation of the beds hospital “continues to decrease – noted Brusaferro – however we know that there is always an interval of
time between when the circulation of the virus moves in terms of incidence and the effects in terms of the need to resort to intensive care or hospital care “. This picture, he concluded,” makes us reaffirm the need for comply with behavioral measures individual and collective recommended as well as the need for complete vaccination coverage in all age groups “.

Vaccination plays a fundamental role in containing hospitalizations. But there are still a few million people who have not started the vaccination cycle in the country and this, Brusaferro warns, represents an “important risk factor”. “The number of new vaccinated people – warns the president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità – is rather limited and the number of children in the 5-11 age range who have started the vaccination cycle, while the number of people over 50 who have completed the vaccination cycle is high. But it is important to remember that the booster dose for these people is also essential. “

Then there is a fact that should not be underestimated and that “characterizes a bit the trend of this wave that sees Omicron as the dominant variant: it is the data of reinfections “ Brusaferro emphasizes again, “since the end of December it is over 3% “and must lead us to attention and prudence”

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