COVID. ECDC recommends a booster dose for adults

ECDC recommends that all adults receive a booster dose of vaccination against COVID-19, primarily those over the age of 40, the head of the EU agenda, Andrea Ammon, announced on Wednesday.

Booster doses should be given at least six months after full immunization, Ammon said.

“The available data from Israel and the UK show a clear improvement in protection against infection and severe disease with a booster dose in all age groups in the short term,” ECDC said in a report released Wednesday.

ECDC recommendation to the European Commission

ECDC’s recommendations are not binding on European Union governments. Their task is to help in making decisions about health policy in individual countries.

The European Commission is expected to take into account the new recommendations in connection with the proposed changes in the use of covid certificates, writes Reuters, citing EU officials.

Wednesday’s ECDC booster recommendation is a significant change from the institution’s original guidance, writes the Reuters agency.

In September, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and ECDC jointly stated that there is no need to distribute booster doses immediately to the general population of the two-dose vaccinated. It has been suggested that a booster dose should be considered in people with compromised immune systems and it could also act as an adjuvant in the elderly.

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