“Covid fanatics like no vax. What is the vaccine now” – Libero Quotidiano

We talk about the management of pandemic of the new Meloni government and some decisions taken by the Minister of Health Schillaci respect for example to unvaccinated doctors who will be able to return to work in the hospital, from Lilli Gruber to Half past eighton La7, in the episode of 28 October, e Alessandro Sallusti disassemble the virologist Antonella Viola according to which it is “absurd to remove the masks in hospitals and RSAs: “I think Covid emergency fanatics are just as annoying as no vax”, says the director of Free, “You have to be pragmatic, the epidemic as we have understood it in the last two and a half years is gone. I have been a supporter of vaccines and the green pass but now we have to acknowledge it and take apart all this ambaradan because it no longer makes sense “.

What do you call me?  What do I really think about.  Meloni breaks the silence: heavy words

Here the intervention of Sallusti in opposition to Professor Viola

“I was talking to a major pharmaceutical who said that now i vaccines I’m a private fact“, continues Sallusti.” Each of us must evaluate with our doctor whether it is advantageous or not to get vaccinated. But it is no longer a collective measure. It is no longer that time there I believe. “And he concludes:” I think it is right tpay the fines to the no vax. Wars end withamnesty. Everyone did what he could and now it is useless to go and see in hindsight who made a mistake.

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